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Pastiche Family Portal HomeUnwinders ... Take 5 ... or 15 Minutes for Yourself

Take some time out to take care of yourself every day. Unwind, get in touch with yourself, relax, meditate, read or just pamper yourself.

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10 Fast Ways to Relax

10 fast ways to relax


  1. Visit Mr Picasso and create a portrait or valentine online
  2. Step Remixer - Sound and Action you Control
  3. Play with Dots and Sound at Exploratorium
  4. Do a jigsaw puzzle or play a free game.
  5. Read a short story or a poem.
  6. Print and Send a Greeting Card to someone you know.
  7. Do some shopping at a local boutique.
  8. Discover a new craft
  9. Make a greeting card - with free clipart and printables.
  10. Try AromaTherapy - for yourself, or aromatherapy for your dog

Pastiche Family Portal HomeHelping Anxious Travelers Relax

Many airline passengers these days find their tempers as short as check-in lines are long. To help customers cope with stress, airports and airlines are offering a host of solutions.

True to its innovative spirit, JetBlue Airways, in partnership with Bally Total Fitness, has installed eight punching bags at its terminal at JFK International Airport in New York City.

JetBlue has also placed cards in its airplane seatback pockets that contain lighthearted instructions for yoga postures. All can be done without removing the sea belt.

At Boston's Logan Airport, New York's La Guardia, Philadelphia International Airport, and Charlotte/Douglas International in Charlotte, NC, passengers can mellow out in rocking chairs.

Spas are on the premises at the Hilton Chicago O'Hare, the Miami International Airport Hotel, and Canada's Vancouver Fairmont, while a stand-alone spa at Canada's Calgary International Airport provides services ranging from facials to aromatherapy.

The Changi Airport Spa in Singapore offers treatments, a sauna, and a Jacuzzi, along with several relaxation gardens-bamboo, cactus, and indoor orchid-plus a koi pond.


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