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We've found the very best coloring books for grown ups and teens, plus art supplies, creativity kits and unique coloring crafts for you or to give as gifts.

If you enjoy coloring, you're in for a treat: you'll find our personal recommendations here, for the best adult coloring and teen coloring books.

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Art coloring books are our favorites for adult and teen coloring hobbies, with abstract design coloring books and mandala coloring designs among the most popular. Realistic scenes, nature, geometric designs and fantasy pictures to color are also quite popular.

Here's a sampler of our favorite coloring books and art supplies. Click a category to see additional selections.

Abstracts    Mandalas

Geometrics    Scenes    Nature

  For Children

Color Art for Everyone - Floral Bouquet Coloring Bundle - 96 Floral Themed Designs

Happy Campers Coloring Book

Color Art for Everyone - Animal Coloring Bundle - 96 Animal Themed Designs

Color Art for Everyone - Summer Coloring Bundle - 96 Summer Themed Designs to Color
Coloring Pens and Pencils Coloring Pens and Pencils

Day of the Dead Coloring Book

Day of the Dead Coloring Book - $9.99

Creative Coloring Animals

Creative Animals Coloring Book by Valentina Harper

Peace and Love Coloring Book

Flower Power Peace and Love Coloring Book

Creative Coloring Patterns of Nature

Patterns of Nature Coloring Book by Valentina Harper


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