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Ecology Greek e symbol, recycle triangle symbol graphics for your personal or classroom use to celebrate Earth Day.

Green living means living a lifestyle aware of our ecology and protecting the environment and the earth through renewable and sustainable practices that reduce, reuse and renew the environment. The green ecology symbol is derived from the Greek lowercase letter e and represents earth, ecology, and the environment.

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Ecology Symbol and Recycle Symbol

The ecology symbol was first used widely during the conservation and green living movement in the 1970s (along with the universal recycle symbol) at around the time of the first global Earth Day celebrations.

Today both symbols are recognized and the recycle symbol is used on materials to denote its sustainable status.

Ecology Symbol Clip Art

ecology e symbol

Earth Day Mug - Retro Design
Earth Day Mug - Retro Design by imagefactory

large greek e for ecology or green living symbol

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Recycle Symbol Clip Art

recycle symbol clip art

Ecology Symbol Sticker
Ecology Symbol Sticker by imagefactory
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