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Marriage is one of the most important events in any couple's life. A wedding brings the families and friends of the couple together to celebrate their decision to be joined as partners in life, and it also joins their families into an extended relationship.

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As with any special occasion, weddings take a lot of planning - even the smallest nuptials require careful plans. There are countless decisions to be made, and thousands of little details to work through.

One of the details is the wedding invitation. The invitations to your wedding should be personal and designed with your taste, budget and style in mind.

There are so many details to planning a wedding, from theme, time and date to location along with guest list, color schemes, menu and entertainment options.

Selection of the place and time for the event, what food will be served, beverage choices and music all deserve plenty of thought.

You'll need to select a band or disc jockey, decide on the type of ceremony and officiant you want, and also provide for children at the wedding or child care for kids if they're not included in the guest list. But the key decision you need to make first is the design of your wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations give guests a first impression of what to expect on your important day, from color scheme to formality plus the details of when and where.

If you don't send a pre-invitation or "Save The Date" card, your wedding invitation will be the first notice you provide to people about what style your wedding will be plus where and when it will take place.

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The invitations are key to making sure everyone you want to be at your wedding can attend; remember to send invitations to family members and friends allowing them plenty of time for those guests to make travel plans.

Your invitatation design can run the gamut from traditional to contemporary - it should reflect who you are, even if you choose a lighthearted theme and design. Save The Date cards can be sent out months before the official invitations, and can include a magnet, calendar or sticker with your engagement photo and wedding date.

Remember to keep your wedding venue and theme in mind when you select and design your invitations.

For example, for a beach wedding, invitations might be sent as rolled up messages in a bottle, with the printed information enclosed as a scroll inside a tiny corked vessel.

If your wedding will be more traditional, the invitation style should incorporate a more formal design. if your wedding will be somewhat casual and contemporary, there are thousands of hip and trendy wedding invitations available today, or you can design your own.

It's fun and easy to design your own unique wedding invitations. You can choose to design and print at home, using off the shelf printable blanks or card stock and a special design, or work with printers offering thousands of unique contemporary and traditional wedding invite designs that allow for plenty of personalization and features along with professional printing plus matching postage, stickers and other wedding stationery items like table cards, napkins, thank you notes, banners, posters and napkins.

Wedding invitation sets that coordinate all the printed items for your big day are easy to design and order from online printing service providers such as Zazzle.

When choosing your invitations, whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary designs, remember that they should reflect your style and incorporate your theme or colors.

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