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One of the most important elements of your wedding day is your hairstyle. To discover your perfect wedding hairstyle, all you have to do is follow a few simple tips.

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To create the perfect wedding hairstyle, start with a picture

If you have a picture of the wedding hair style that you want it will guarantee that you communicate to your stylist exactly what kind of bridal hairstyle you're after and will ensure that you get exactly the hair style you want for your wedding.


Plan Around Your Accessories

Plan your bridal hairstyle to complement your accessories (such as an updo hairstyle to show off your necklace and earrings). It's the perfect way to add elegance to your wedding style.

Wear Flowers in Your Hair for Your Wedding

Wearing flowers in the hair is a lovely classic wedding hairstyle fashion. If you'd like to change your hair color for your wedding, ask your stylist which hair color will enhance and complement your wedding colors.

Wedding Consultation with Your Hair Stylist

Talk to your stylist about what hairstyles are best for your hair type and texture and what steps you may need to take or accessories will be needed (extensions, etc) to achieve the hairstyle that you want.

When you and your stylist are discussing your wedding hairstyle, speak up about whether you like the style they've suggested or the way something is done. It's your wedding, and your hair should look exactly the way you want it to on your special day.

Make Sure Your Hairstyle is Weather Proof

There's nothing worse than having your hair styled beautifully for your wedding than to to have it go flat, lose volumn, get stringy or frizz out from the weather.

Select a hairstyle that's suitable for the location and season and take your stylist's advice on how to hold the style.

Match Your Hair Style To Your Wedding Theme

An elegant wedding deserves a formal and elegant hairstyle, but a casual nuptial affair will be more suited with a casual hairstyle such as loose waves or glossy curls.

Try Your Hairstyle Out With Your Wedding Gown

The best way to see if your bridal hairstyle will complement your beautiful wedding dress for your wedding is to have your hair styled in your chosen fashion when you go for your fitting. This way you can see if your wedding hairstyle will be a good match for your dress.

Now that you know the tips, find your perfect wedding hair style with this demo.

View all the Bridal hair styles at TheHairStyler.com and try out styles for men and women using a computer and your own photo.

By Katie Summers and Paola Fioramonte

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