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Pastiche Family Portal HomePrintable Chanukah Gift Tags

Our printable sheets of Hanukkah tags feature 4 different designs on each page: dreidel, snowflake, star of David and menorah tree.

Punch a hole and add a string for tying the tag to a package, gift or stemmed beverage glass.

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Hannukah Gift Tags or Stickers

Print a full sheet of Hanukkah gift tags on a sheet blank card stock and use to label gifts or wine glasses.

How to Make Self Stick Gift Tags

To make adhesive gift tags, print the sheet of tags on an unperforated sheet of self-adhesive sticker paper and cut apart into individual gift tag labels.

You can also print gift tags on nice paper or card stock, then attach them to card stock with Home Made Sticker Glue or glue stick adhesive.

How to Make Drink Charms with Gift Tags

You can use these printable gift tags with ties to label stemware drink glasses.

Simply trim off the TO/FROM section and punch a hole in the card so you can attach a string.

Hanukkah gift tags, free printable chanukah gift labels

Print a Sheet of Free Chanukah Gift Tags (Adobe PDF)


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Hanukkah Moose Gifts - Graphic Imprints Exclusive Design

Hanukkah Moose Baby Shirt shirt
Hanukkah Moose Baby Shirt by imagefactory
for Zazzle

Adorable chocolate moose wearing blue candles on his antlers. Personalize, customize this Hanukkah graphic on tee shirts, cards, magnets, postage stamps and baby gifts.

Hanukkah moose stickershanukkah gift mugmoose design card, chanukah candles moose

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