Love: Live it Every Minute of Your Life

The beauty of the heart is the lasting beauty: its lips give to drink of the water of life. Truly it is the water, that which pours, and the one who drinks. All three become one when your talisman is shattered. That oneness you can't know by reasoning."

~Mathnawi II, 716-718

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Love is the binding cement that holds us together, driving us to our greatest accomplishments, allowing us to be our best, transcending the ego to reach others, making us see the beauty in each aspect of our lives.

Love is not just about romance and intimate relations with another. It is about being in the present, opening your heart to others unconditionally for the little moments of your life.

Take time for love every day, aromatherapy recipe for love

Love is the force behind your nice words to the cashier at the grocery store, your greetings to your neighbor, your assistance to help a colleague finish a last minute project. At every instant of your life, you have the opportunity to experience love in its profoundness, grace, and humanity.

Are you looking to experience love primarily in a friendship or relationship? Love is even more than that, better than that. It is here, now, everywhere, and within your grasp at each moment.

Just open your heart and let it pour out without restriction. Receive and give to others on any occasion. Feel the real union between you and others, between you and your higher self. It may last just seconds. But seconds can sometimes be an eternity.

Start today. Take a good look at your surroundings. Smile at yourself and others, see the beauty in each individual or situation, help others, say nice words.

But foremost, visualize each word or action pouring from your heart and radiating out to others. By doing so routinely, you open yourself to better relationships and other pleasurable moments.

Your life becomes meaningful, worth living. You become less demanding because you know you can experience love whenever you want.

The following aromatic blend will help you embrace the love around you. Anoint your heart chakra in the morning and evening. Pour a few drops of the blend into your bathtub and soak for at least 15 minutes.

In a 10 ml bottle, pour the essential oils first and then add an organic vegetable oil:

  • 3 drops of Rose
  • 5 drops of Jasmine
  • 9 drops of Sandalwood

Breathe it in deeply and visualize your heart chakra expanding and filling your aura, and your entire being filling with a hot pink color. Or pour just a few drops into the palms of your hands and breathe it in during the day.

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