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If you're planning bridal shower, honeymoon trip or special romantic getaway with your sweetheart, you'll find plenty of sweet and sassy lingerie in this collection. Beautiful and sexy underwear, night wear and all sorts of frilly and daring outfits for your honeymoon or romantic getaway holiday.

Bachelorette Party Fun

Sweet and Sassy Lingerie for Honeymoon, Valentine's Day, Romantic Getaways

For a simply sexy look, these lovely bras and stockings are just the ticket! Complete line of sexy lingerie with hundreds of styles, colors and frilly intimate fashions for ladies of all sizes and shapes.

Bachelorette Party Props - Pink Delights, Nice or a Little Bit Naughty

If you're looking for joke gifts and somewhat naughty bachelorette party gifts, you can find a selection in our Nice Gals Naughty Bachelorette Party Shop.

Some of the more risque and frisky adult-oriented goodies might make you blush but with the right crowd - "just the girls" - they might prove to be hilarious! 

Check out our list of the 10 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Items.

For more conservative fun, visit our Girlfriends Getaway Bachelorette Party Shop.

sexy black dress off shoulder


Off Shoulder Black Club Dress

Sexy Little Black Dresses

Sexy Dresses

Every gal needs a little black dress. These are very little ... and very sexy ... black dresses for your club night, hot date or special evening at home.

Sizing ranges from XS to XL; some styles available in other colors.

Shop in complete privacy at SexyDresses.com

sleeveless sexy little black dress raquel

Sleeveless Black Wrap Dress

Bachelorette Party!

Pink Leopard Pantyhose

Pink Fingerless Fishnet Gloves


Pink Tube Shots - 15

Bachelorette Party Invitations - Corset Style - 8

Pink Lace Headband

Bachelorette Tank Top - White with Pink Gemstones
Pink Sheriff Badge - Design Your Own Button
Pink Sheriff Badge - Design Your Own Button by imagefactory

cogirl garter
Cowgirl Garter

Bride Pink Button

Bachelorette Games for any bride-to-be (some naughty, some nice, all fun!)

bridal shower bachelorette party supplies

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