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Nothing says love more than home cooking. Enjoy the family favorite recipes we feature in this section!

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Alfredo Sauce

AHHHHH - Asparagus

Berry Easy Fruit Jam

Breakfast Casseroles

Easy Overnight Breakfast Recipes

Chicken Breasts with Plum Sauce

Chocolate Cake - World's BEST

Chocolate Zucchini Snack Cake

Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate Reindeer Cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Cinnamon Goodness

Clam Dip

Dr. Seuss Recipe Fun

Favorite Christmas Cookies

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pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese filling

Sweet Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Roll

Tex-Mex Favorites

Dr. Seuss Recipes

heart bullet Asian Style Chicken Breasts with Home Made Plum Sauce

How to Make Chocolate Roses

DIY chocolate roses recipe and how to

Bailey's Style Irish Cream

Easy Home Made Raspberry Jam

heart bullet Alabama Style White BBQ Sauce

heart bullet Mustard Vinaigrette Sauce

heart bullet Cool, Creamy Smoothie Recipes

heart bullet Cheesy Parmesan Crisps

heart bullet Authentic Irish Recipes

heart bullet Chocoholics Favorites

My favorite recipes for home made chocolate cake, truffle candies and lemon squares.

Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Double Rich Chocolate zuccnini cake recipe

How to Make Flavor-Infused Gourmet Vinegars

When the vegetable garden is bursting with goodness it's a great time to gather herbs to make flavored vinegars and oils. You can make them now and give them as gifts for the holidays or as hostess gifts.

Pasta Prima Vera Alfredo

Who doesn't love creamy cheesy sauce with pasta? Try adding fresh veggies and some chicken to the toss for a yummy taste treat.




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Foodie Connections

Food Gifts

Gluten-Free Cakes

Vegan Cakes

School Lunch Ideas

Appetizer Favorites

Cinnamon - recipes and household uses

Zucchini Lasagna

Try a new twist on a family favorite. Make a yummy veggie lasagne without the pasta!

Substitute slices of zucchini for the lasagna noodles pasta in your layers for this classic casserole.

Add a layer of steamed broccoli, spinach, onions and carrots then cover with alfredo sauce or your favorite tomato sauce.

Top with cheese and bake as usual.

Fun with Food

Kids Stuff - Play with Your Food

Dr. Seuss-inspired recipes

heart bullet New Year Foods

Potato Latkes - Potato Pancakes, potato fritters ...

How to Plan Thanksgiving Dinner - tips for getting organized and planning a memorable holiday dinner with family and friends.

Tasty Thanksgiving Recipes - from appetizers to desserts, try out these delicious recipes for Thanksgiving

Turkey Veggie Platter - make a fun, healthy vegetable platter that looks like a turkey

Pastiche Family Portal HomeHoliday Baking - Cookies, Cakes, Sweet Treats

Pastiche Family Portal HomeFamily Gathering Favorites

Pastiche Family Portal HomeGifts from the Kitchen - Food Gifts

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Hot Cocoa Mix

Cookie Mix in a Jar

Peanut Butter BonBons


Dog Treats

Gourmet Flavored Olive Oils

Herb Infused Vinegars

Home Made Truffles


happy birthday cake recipe

World's Best Home Made Chocolate Cake Recipe


Pastiche Family Portal HomeFavorite Recipe& Cookbook Sites

Recipe Idea is more than just a cooking site - you'll find different ways to enjoy a richer and healthier lifestyle. Recipe ideas dedicated to busy people. Hundreds of recipes and nutrition tips - organized and easy to use.

Reluctant Gourmet

Perfect Sauces

Mustard Vinaigrette

If you want to learn how to cook great meals at home and have some fun at the same time, visit The Reluctant Gourmet - published by a stay-at-home Dad who loves to cook and who generously shares his learning and recipes with the culinary novices of the world.

Recipes, equipment reviews and tried and true tips for success.

Cooking Tools
& Tips

How to Make A Vegan Cake

Cook's Measurement Conversion Tool


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