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Lots of free samples, special offers and signup opportunities on this page, plus links to the most popular creative freebies sections of our web site!

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Free clip art and printable crafts - www.clipartandcrafts.com
Clip Art & Paper Crafts

Printable Cards

Printable Cards

Lots of Free Offers, Crafts and Printables


Pastiche Family Portal HomeFree Offers, Samples, Trial Offers, e Books, Coupons and Special Deals

  1. Project Gutenberg: Audio Books
  2. Try out the Hottest HairStyles with TheHairStyler.com demo
  3. Free Scrapbook Borders and Clip Art - Lee Hansen Graphics
  4. Clip Art and digital stamps - all free, all new, family-friendly for home or school!
  5. Scrapbook Borders and papers
  6. Paper Crafts - Christmas Decorations, Scrapbook Goodies, Wrapping Paper, Bags, Tags and stickers
  7. Printable Posters - in color and black and white
  8. Tee Shirt Iron Ons - Holidays, Babies, Patriotic, Flags, Pirates, Fairies and much More ...
  9. Free Ding Bat Fonts from Divide by Zero
  10. Print & Send Greeting Cards & Trading Cards to Print from Home
  11. Stickers - gift tags, stamps for holidays, name tags, cubbies ...
  12. Ebooks on site - parenting, baby shower planning, new parents/babies, fathers, business
  13. Kids Print and Cut Valentines
  14. All Free Crafts: Projects and Patterns to Make Easy Homemade Gifts.
  15. Web Graphics from Boogie Jack
  16. Project Gutenberg- Free books to download - in many different languages; also audio recordings, still and moving images
  17. FREE Book of Kids Paper Crafts Projects - from the Paper Toy site
  18. KID Craft Projects & Samples Free, or Almost Free with COUPONS from MakingFriends

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