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Budget Friendly Tips

US GOVERNMENT Official Site: Supplies & Equipment for Sale

Federal, state and local agencies sell a great variety of industrial, commercial and residential materials. Visit FirstGov to browse for all sorts of goods: computers, furniture, tools, paint and numerous specialized items.

Money-Saving Auto Advice

Handy Credit Card Loan Calculator

Quickly find out how long it will take to repay a debt based on current interest rate and the starting balance and check the total interest costs.

This program can help you decide if it's time to refinance for lower interest, or, it can help you determine whether to seek assistance from a professional to protect your credit rating before you end up on a deadbeat list.

Free Mortgage Interest Spreadsheets

Free downloads that help you compare different types of interest and mortgages using Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet programs.

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Create and sell all kinds of cool apparel and gifts, sticker and stationery, skateboards, iPad cases, speakers for you iPod and lots more - SELL YOUR DESIGNS

Home Business

Build Your Online Business

Test Before You Spend Those Advertising Dollars

Special Offers, Freebies, Discounts and Deals

Easy Online Loan Calculator

Seniors Save with FREE Prescription Program

Make Money Writing How-to Booklets

Root Your Own Plant Cuttings - Sell the Extras!

Social Security Numbers for Children


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