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In 2003, the National Council on the Aging (NCOA) launched a comprehensive, Web-based service to connect older adults with over 240 public and private prescription savings programs covering nearly 800 prescription drugs.

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Seniors money saving prescription programs

BenefitsCheckUpRx is a free, confidential screening tool that is a major expansion to NCOA's BenefitsCheckUp® Web site. BenefitsCheckUp has provided seniors with more than 820,000 eligibility reports for federal and state benefits programs

Older Americans, their families and caregivers can now quickly determine what prescription savings programs a senior qualifies for and how to claim them.

Site visitors complete a brief questionnaire, and the service displays a personalized report specifying all the programs they are eligible for and detailed instructions on how to enroll.

"We know that millions of seniors can't afford all the medications they need and far too many are skipping doses or not filling prescriptions," said James Firman, president and CEO of NCOA.

"BenefitsCheckUpRx is the first and only Web-based program allowing seniors to find out which of the over 240 programs can help them save money on their prescriptions."

BenefitsCheckUpRx provides comprehensive information on approximately 30 state-funded pharmacy programs, each state's Medicaid program, and 116 company-sponsored patient assistance programs, among others.

About BenefitsCheckUp

Launched in June 2001, BenefitsCheckUp is a Web-based service that has already helped more than 820,000 older Americans, their caregivers, and community organizations to quickly and easily determine what benefits programs seniors qualify for and how to claim them.

As a result, thousands more now have access to federal and state program benefits such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, in-home services and thousands of other programs.

NCOA and its partners anticipate that five million will have used the Web site in the next four years and is mobilizing more than 2,000 community organizations to find and help isolated seniors who could benefit from the service.

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BenefitsCheckUpRx development is supported by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Lucent Technologies/ Avaya/Agere Family Care Development Fund, and FJC-A Foundation of Donor-Advised Funds

is supported by several other organizations and foundations including AARP, AOL, Atlantic Philanthropies, The US Department of Commerce, The Commonwealth Fund, Pfizer Inc, Merck Company Foundation, and the Archstone Foundation.

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