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This section features topics of interest to mature active adults over 50 - grandparents, singles, men and women.

Gadgets and products to make life easier

Women Who Work Out Live Longer

Fitness & exercise can slow down your muscles from wasting away and can strengthen bones, plus improve balance, improve flexibility and enhance your mental sharpness. Click to learn more

Stay Stylish After 50

Being over 50 does not mean women have to give up on having a sense of style, especially not plus size women! In fact plus size mature active women should make the most of this time in their life.

With the right clothes any plus size lady over 50 can look like a fashion diva and feel like a million dollars! Click here for tips and suggestions ...

Mind Stretchers

Top 10 Power Foods

According to a recent article by AARP, foods such as avocado, salmon, apples, and chicken are supercharged sources of health and energy. Read all about it, and get some yummy recipes at the AARP web site.

food image

Visit our Recipes section for tried and true family favorites for everyday, and for holidays. Yes, you can eat well on a tight budget.


Try these easy to prepare formulas and concoctiond to ease stress during troubling times, enhance good feelings, promote wellness, and raise comfort levels.

Pets - They're More Than Companions

Dog owners know their pets are more than just animals. In fact, animals are highly sensitive and they experience emotions and stress just like we do.

Assistive / Enabling Technology

Older adults can take advantage of computer technology to learn, communicate, stay creative, enjoy their friends and families via Internet, and conduct personal or professional research.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has developed standards and mandates for access to services, buildings, and information previously unavailable to disabled individuals.

If you or someone you knows has a disability or needs a bit of assistance to age gracefully, they may find these resources helpful:

Helpful tools and gadgest at

Senior Wellness Resources

Grandparent Pages provides a large selection of high performance exercise therapy products from hand exercisers to cardio equipment, stretching to strength building.

AARP's Grandparent Information Center

USA Senior Corps

FirstGOV Web Site for Seniors

BenefitsCheckUpRx is a confidential screening tool that is a major expansion to NCOA's BenefitsCheckUp® Web site.    Click here for more info about this free service from the National Council on Aging (USA)

Senior Journal at the NIH National Institute of Health (USA)

National Institute of Health - Senior Issues Pages

Safe Online Shopping Guide

Give Your Computer a Checkup Right Now

Freebies from this site


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