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This web site generates income based on affiliate relationships with third parties and advertising services.

We do not accept paid links, nor do we exchange links. We do accept guest posts and articles, and we also write articles or create original content for other family-friendly and educational blogs and websites.

We link to content we discover on our own, websites and blogs that will enrich our visitors' experience. We do not support SPAM sites or sites that promote unethical or illegal activities. We do not accept paid content, link swaps, or adult advertising.

We welcome links into our site from quality blogs and posts with related content, or from articles and posts that use our clip art or printables to create original features and crafts.

You can link to our site in a number of ways. The best way to link to our site is to use a social connection site such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Delicious or StumbleUpon.

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Simply navigate to the page you want to share and click on the SHARE + button, or the Pin It button, then choose your favorite site to make a connection.

You are welcome to link using text to any PAGE on our site if you are linking to a page with related content or giving credit to our site for use of clip art or printables including coloring pages.

Do not hot link to any graphical content or printables directly including GIF, JPG or PDF files.


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