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Visit Picturing Modern America for an entertaining and educational visit to our past. Learn through images and exercises about the American Experience.

Picturing Modern America presents historical thinking exercises for middle and high school students - also fun for adults!

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A favorite pastime for many folks is working on brain-stretching puzzles - jigsaw puzzles, word finds, crossword puzzles and logic problems. Visit the BrainFood web site for plenty of great educational entertainment - puzzles and games to exercise your grey matter.

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I don't know about you, but if I don't write something down, I'll never remember it. That's why I have "to do" lists, and I religiously cross off items as I complete them, and add new items as they come along. click to read the full article and get links to free printables

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Check out SafeTeens.Org, and SafeKids.Org.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Jigsaw Puzzle

My youngest and I share a passion for solving puzzles. This Christmas, he was given a 250 piece jigsaw, his greatest challenge to-date. We decided to tackle it over the past few days, and are learning quite a bit. It is ironic [to me] how similar [the task of] successfully approaching a puzzle is to achiving balanced living.

Did you know, for example, that the piece you need to complete a certain section is most often right under your nose? In fact, it is most likely the piece you have tried and discarded several times already (you just forgot to try it at a different angle).

- How often have I found a solution to a problem in my life was the most simple, and first discarded?

We have also found that the more we try to force pieces to fit, the more elusive the solution becomes. No matter what we do, if a piece is not meant to fit, it won't. ( it's the old square peg in the round hole thing). The best way to complete a puzzle section is to refrain from analyzing it to death. Going by gut instinct yields better results each time.

- How often have I found forcing my solution never works?

It also never fails, that when I've decided I do not have enough pieces to solve the puzzle, I am proven wrong. No matter how certain that I'm short, there is always enough to complete the task at hand.

- How often have I seen that, despite fears to the contrary, I do posses resources to face any challenge?

Probably the most astounding thing we found is that there is no law declaring a solution must be found immediately. The beauty of puzzles is they are solved when they are solved, not a minute sooner.

- How many times has the sky not fallen as a result of me carefully searching for a solution?

I guess my professors were wrong all those years ago. The most important lessons do not occur in a classroom.

All the best, Catie - copyright 2002

by Catie Gosselin of

Catie was the owner/editor of ( at the time this article was first published in 2002. It was/is a community of support, empowerment and spirituality for all women. She is the homeschooling mama of two kids, two cats and a tank of fish.



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