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Men (and women) who are whole and kind mature individuals can raise children with emotional intelligence and help stop the escalating divorce rate.

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Raise children who are emotionally intelligent and have good self-esteem by knowing and working on your own issues before becoming a parent.

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Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Are men to blame for the divorce problem in this country?

According to Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC - there are specific qualities we need to instill in our own lives in order to raise children with emotional intelligence and cut down on the divorce rate:

  1. Commitment
    According to one definition, ďcommitment is a freely chosen inner resolve to follow through with a course even though difficulty arises." Commitment is a daily discipline. Itís the chat after dinner, and the kiss before work. Itís the core from which we respond to difficulty. Itís what makes our lives richer and deeper.
  2. Emotional Awareness
    If youíre planning on getting married someday, you need to be aware of what your emotional issues are. If you donít know them, youíre a great candidate to add to a divorce rate thatís already staggering.
  3. Be Kind, Not Right
    An enormous amount of time is wasted in our relationships by arguing over whoís right or wrong. This arguing is an indication of low self-esteem. A more effective way to be in a relationship is to commit to kindness. When youíre kind, you donít need to be right.

Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC, coaches people in relationships by phone.

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