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Now that school is getting into full swing, the kids are going to start bringing home the artwork that they created in school. Especially in the early school years, these activities will stimulate your children and help them grow.

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No matter how simple or complex, usually these "masterpieces" are brought home and proudly displayed on the fridge or the walls. However, how do you handle all of it when it starts to take over the home?

Here are some suggestions:


Once a month, sit down with your child and ask him or her to choose the one they like the best from that month's collection. By the end of the school year, you should only have about 10 pieces. You can take those 10 and narrow it down even further. This will keep the artwork under control and will still provide the ability to save their creations to look back on in the future.


Take photographs of some of the larger pieces of artwork or the three-D pieces and keep them in a scrap book. Even if the actual piece of artwork is discarded, the memory remains intact.


More often than not, it's the parents who want to hold onto those pieces of artwork, more so than the kids. An easy way to keep them dust free and in good condition is to store them in a clear plastic container with a lid that is clearly labeled. The container should not be too large but reasonably sized to hold the "collection".

By keeping them in a container, you are also providing boundaries for how much is kept. It should not exceed the size of the box. Remember, if you keep every piece of artwork that comes through the door for the next dozen or more years, your

house will be overflowing with it. So, keep a lid on it!


For some of those very special pieces, why not

create a small art gallery to display them in a frame on the wall. This idea can provide some personality to a kid's bedroom, a playroom, a hallway or stairwell. Once in a while, change them for variety.

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If the kids love to create at school, chances are they like to create at home. This involves have a supply of crayons, markers, glue, paper and other art supplies in the home. Purchase a portable file box with a handle that they can easily transport from one room to the other or into the car which contains sandwich bags of the various supplies. This will keep everything organized and easy for them to find what they want.


What proud Grandmom, Grandpop or favorite aunt would not treasure a personalized gift from your child! Encourage your little artist to give a "masterpiece" as a special gift to that special someone on their birthday or Grandparents Day or any other special occasion as opposed to buying something for your child to give to them.

With these easy suggestions, you will find that the flow of artwork coming through the door and created in your home will become much more manageable. Remember, you can't keep it all, so be selective. Your kids artwork can be organized!

About the Author: Audrey Cupo is a full-time Professional Organizer and sole proprietor of A BETTER SPACE, based in Bucks County, PA. She specializes in residential organizing an focuses her business on helping busy moms get organized with her in-home services and her U Can do It product line. Visit her website at to learn more and sign up for her free monthly newsletter "Organizing News You Can Use".

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