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Spring (or fall) is the perfect time to give your home a makeover.

If your budget won't permit a total redecorating, try these budget-friendly ideas for giving your home a spring fashion update at low cost.

Try one or more of these simple tips for giving a room a fast and frugal makeover for the new season.

Rearrange the Furniture

The simplest way to achieve a room makeover is to rearrange your furniture and give the space a thorough cleaning.

This is a no cost solution anyone can use to change the decor of nearly any size room. Even the smallest space can be rearranged and cleaned up to give it a new, fresh look on a tight budget.

Furniture rearrangement is the #1 trick professional decorators and home stagers use to redecorate on a limited budget.

While you're moving all that furniture around, spruce up the windows, woodwork floors and walls with a thorough cleaning, or consider painting the walls, ceiling, trim or floor.

Wall Decals are a Great Way to Decorate for Maximum Style

Go for the new look with easy to apply wall decals - they're inexpensive and can be repositioned or removed, come in thousands of designs or inspirational quotes and go with every type decor, from bath to kitchen, nursery or bedroom, library or living room.

If your room has bare wood or painted floors, the same techniques can be used to update and freshen them.

Add a coat of floor paint, then stencil a decorative border around the room. Or mark out a faux carpet area, then paint that area in a color that harmonizes with your decor. To add more pizazz, add a painted or stenciled border to your new "carpet" design.

Add a Coat of Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint on your walls or a fresh coat in a new color on trim and doors is a low-cost way to update and refresh any room in your home. You can redecorate a room with paint for less than 50 dollars.

In about a day you can create a completely different look in any room simply by changing the color of the walls (and perhaps the trim, ceiling and/or floor as well).

If you have a bit more ambition and a larger budget, go for more drama by painting a mural on one wall or creating a painted pattern / faux finish. Try creating a border with paint, or painting a sectioned area of the walls (painted wainscoting effect).

Slipcover the Furniture

To change the look of your upholstered furniture, add lighter slipcovers or throws in solf pastel colors.

Replace or cover yours throw pillows with new patterns.

Replace Lamps and Decorative Items

Rotate your decorative glassware and lamps from other rooms or buy new ones and store the other ones for next season.

Search for great buys on glassware, lamps and small wooden accessories in second hand shops or at spring flea market sales.

Change Accessories

Make or buy a new lampshade for an existing lamp. Add a punchy print or poster to a focal point on the wall.

Decorate with lighter colors in general to welcome spring and summer. Use crystal marbles or pastel stones in vases. Place a grouping of seashells or decorative stones in a dish or along a mantle or shelf arrangement.

Paint simple wood accent tables or a single chair with a pastel color that coordinate with your color scheme. Use baskets to organize magazines and books.

Remove Window Coverings

Change your drapes or curtains to a new design or if privacy isn't an issue, remove the window coverings completely and simply paint the woodwork and trim.

If you only need light control during the day or privacy at night, consider using cordless pleated shades or simple roller shades. Create the look of stained or frosted glass with easy to apply self-adhesive decorative film or stencils on the glass areas.

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LMH 21-Feb-2022