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Wacky Holidays!

Let's have some fun with wonderful wacky holidays like Ground Hog Day, April Fools Day, Friday the 13th, Pi Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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lucky shamrockFriday the 13th

Every once in awhile, the 13th day of the month lands on a Friday, and when it does, it's said to be a very unlucky time. Watch out for black cats, ladders, and other bad luck omens and be sure to carry your good luck charm with you.

Charms and omens/signs for good luck or good fortune include:

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bats, black cat, grave stoneUnlucky Symbols

Watch out for and avoid signs and symbols of bad luck on Friday the 13th:


Pi Day - March 14

Pi symbol outline coloring page

All about Pi Day ... the irrational geek STEAM holiday when we celebrate math by eating ... pie, or pizza pie.

Pi Symbol Coloring Sheet Poster

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