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Pastiche Family Portal HomeGet a Special Postmark for Postal Valentine Greetings!

Whether you make a specially decorated card yourself or you purchase a Valentine's Day card, you can have your valentine postmarked in one of seven "romantic" cities in North America with names like Loving, Valentine and Kissimmee.

Some Postmasters will even stamp your special envelope with a Valentine poem.

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Pastiche Family Portal HomeHow to Request Valentine Postmarks

valentine postmark graphic

It's easy! Just place your pre-addressed, pre-stamped Valentine's card inside a larger envelope and mail to the postmaster of the city you want for your postmark.

For example:

Attn: Valentines

Valentine, Texas 79854

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Valentine Coloring Book

Vintage Valentine Card Art

Instructions for making an envelope are also included in this article.

Valentine Postmark Cities (USA)

Follow the instructions above to obtain a special postmark from any of these "romantic" US cities:

Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010
Loving, New Mexico 88256
Loveland, Colorado 80537
Kissimmee, Florida 32741
Romance, Arkansas 72136
Valentine, Texas 79854
Valentine, Nebraska 69201

Pastiche Family Portal HomeHow to Make A Mailing Envelope

If you need a special size envelope to enclose the Valentine for mailing, try making one of your own.

To make an envelope, first measure the length and width of the card (or your first envelope), then double the figures, and add an inch both ways. Cut a piece of paper to this size.

Center your card (or your first envelope) on the paper and fold over to crease the edges.

Cut away each of the four little corners, which will leave four tabs. Place the valentine (or your first envelope) inside the envelope and seal with tape or glue.

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