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Keep the kids happy and busy with Animal Valentine Cards and Valentine's Day Clip Art.

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You can print 6 Valentines with the same picture, or you can print a set of 6 assorted Valentines.

  1. Click a picture below to open a printable page with 6 Valentines with the same picture as clicked, OR
  2. Click here to open a printable page with 6 assorted Valentines, 1 of each picture shown below.

    Cute Animal Valentines to Print and Cut Out

    Kids animal valentines free print sheet

    Use the cut out pictures to craft Valentine Cards or gift tags, or simply write your name on the back of each picture after you cut it out and you have an instant Valentine - how easy is that?

    You can also use these cute animal Valentines as free clip art to make stickers, cupcake flags, or scrapbook pages or other paper craft designs of your own.

    Be sure to remember where you saved your free Valentine card graphics. You can use any of the free images on this page in desktop publishing programs such as MS Word.

    Print a sheet of Valentine Animal Cards on your home printer, then cut out the Valentines along the guide lines.

    Valentine's Day Parties

    Valentine Party Decorations, Banners, Favors, Activities

Monster valentine heart and flowers

Monster Valentines

Love me love me not cat valentine

Cat with Flower Valentines

Froggie heart chain valentine printable

Frog Valentines

graphic: teddy bear with heart valentine card clip art

Teddy Bear Valentine

ktty love valentine card free printable

Juggling Cat Valentine

kitty be my valentine printable free  greeting card

Cat with Sign Valentines


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