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Homemade gifts are gifts from the heart, and these special Valentine's Day Hearts are sure to be a big hit.

Handmade Home Made Love

Everyone loves to get a beautiful card on Valentine's Day, but one that's homemade can be even more appreciated by the receiver, and certainly more fun for the giver.

One year I made a huge list of all the things I love about my husband, and made it into a simple greeting card; he loved it.

The kids can make cards for everyone, including their grandparents, teachers, neighbors and friends.

It doesn't have to be an expensive greeting, just one from the heart!

Heart Frame for Photos or Sentiments

Fold a piece of heavy red construction paper in half, cutting a smaller piece of pink paper for the front just like we did with the candy cane heart.

Except this time, you will cut a small heart shape out of the center of the pink paper, and place a photo underneath it before gluing it to the card. For another version, letter a message inside the heart frame.

Make sure to pencil the heart in on the backside of the pink paper before cutting! You can write "Happy Valentine's Day" on the front, or on the inside, of the card and include a small note about the picture. These hearts are especially great for grandparents.

Heart photo frame clip art

Sentimental Love You Heart

Follow the same basic instructions as above, but place a red heart on a pink card and write the words "I Love You" in big bold letters in the center of the red heart.

Next you get to be creative and possibly romantic on the inside of the card - tell the recipient how much you love them!

I Love You calligraphy clip art -

Small Valentine's stickers make a great addition to any of these cards, but you can also color in your own small hearts or designs with markers, glitter or gel pens, colored pencils, and even crayons.

Sweet Love Treats Gifts from the Heart

Make some sugar cookies in heart shapes and decorate with pink and white icing or candy sugar sprinkles. Wrap in a cellophane bag, tie with ribbon and add a tag, or staple the top and add a topper card.

Candy Cane Heart

Fold a piece of heavy red construction paper in half. Glue a smaller piece of pink paper to the front of the card, leaving enough red showing around the edges to make a border.

Take 2 candy canes leftover from Christmas (or still on sale at your local stores for a great bargain!) and glue or tape them to the front of the card to form a heart.

The round part of the candy canes will face each other and the ends will meet at the bottom.

Now with a glitter pen, or gel pen, write "Happy Valentines Day" all around the candy canes, forming a line of repeated verse. For the final touch, write your sentiments on the inside of the card - and know that your recipient is going to love this beautiful gift from the heart.

Lollipop Heart Cards or Party Favors

Create a fancy heart flower with a Tootsie pop center. Use the Lucky Lolly Shamrock template at our sister site, Lee Hansen Design, and substitute red or pink card stock for the green in the shamrock lolly project.

lollypop flower template

Flat Heart Lolly Pop Cards for Kids

Another version of this idea is simpler, using lollipops threaded through hearts with slits.

Cut a 3" x 5" heart out of red or pink heavy construction paper.

On each heart shape, make two small slits off to the left side that will enable you to weave lollipop sticks through. On the right hand side of the heart write "Happy Valentine's Day." Decorate with stickers!

The kids will really enjoy making these homemade cards for their friends, and will probably want to keep one for themselves!

Crafty Chocolate Roses Bouquet

Craft these chocolate roses that come straight from the heart with your flavor choice of Hershey's candy kisses.

DIY Chocolate Roses


Sweetheart Stickers

Create your own stickers using clip art and borders with hearts, flowers, Cupid angels and word art phrases that express your feelings.

double ribbon heart clip art sticker, frame or gift tag

Valentine Clip Art

Romantic and cute original graphics and borders for making cards, crafts, stickers and gifts.

Valentine Stamps

Pretend postage and postmark symbols can dress up on your hand delivered Valentine envelopes.

Valentine clip art, Special Delivery Valentine postmark graphic

Valentine sticker stamps - free printables for Valentines day

Dozens of Ideas for a Special Valentine's Day

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