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This collection of American vintage patriotic images comes from a variety of sources, all believed to be in the public domain, and presented here for your enjoyment.

These vintage patriotic graphics were originally printed on old post cards, greeting cards, advertising labels and recruiting posters.

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The vintage American graphics on this page depict classic USA patriotic icons and symbols from the 20th century that are still relevant and recognized today.

To find more free vintage clip art on this site, visit the vintage US Posters collection on our November 11 Veterans Day page.

Patriotic Clip Art

View and download our exclusive collection of patriotic graphics for US, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

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Check out our free patriotic printables including posters, bookmarks, stickers, iron ons and paper crafts.

Uncle Sam, Fireworks - 4th of July

Uncle Sam, Fireworks - 4th of July

US Recruiting Poster - Wartime

US Recruiting Poster - Wartime

July 4th Eagle and Golden Shield

July 4th Eagle and Golden Shield

Vintage Patriotic Postcard

Vintage Patriotic Postcard

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Lady Liberty and Eagle postcard

Lady Liberty and Eagle Vintage Clip Art

Bunker Hill Fyfe and Drum Team

Bunker Hill Fyfe and Drum Team

American Revolution uniforms coloring book
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American Revolution history coloring book
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US Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776 - US Congressional Declaration of Independence Document

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or Visit the US Library of Congress for many more public domain vintage images.

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