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National holidays of Australia include some celebrations shared with the UK and others that are totally unique to Australia.

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Australia Day - January 26

Australia day celebrates the anniversary of the date Captain Arthur Phillip raised a British flag in Sydney and proclaimed British sovereignty over eastern Australia in the eighteenth century.

Each state in the Federation celebrates the national holiday in a big way - it's the biggest national holiday in Australia!

Australia National Colors

Australia's National Colors are green and gold. The national flag bears the colors red, white and blue.


National Colors of Australia

Flag of Australia, small graphic

National Flag of Australia

Australia Printables on this web site include coloring pages, maps, flags, stickers and iron on transfers.

Australia National Flag Colouring Sheet

Australia Flag Iron On

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Labour Day - September (1st Monday)

Labour Day is celebrated throughout Australia on the first Monday in Septembe, the same day the USA, Canada and Bermuda celebrate labor and their national workforce.

Australia National Flag Day - September 3

Australia National Flag Day is celebrated on September 3.

Flag of Australia, small graphic

Australia flag printables

The flag of Australia features a Union Jack in the upper left quadrant of the deep blue ground.

The remainder of the flag body depicts the seven-pointed star of federation in the lower left quadrant, and the Southern Cross constellation fills the blue field in the right portion of the flag. The Southern Cross is significant because it can be seen from all states in the federation.

Remembrance Days - April 25 and November 11

ANZAC Day is a solemn day of honor and remembrance of Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

It was established in 1916 to commemorate the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

Veterans Day / November 11 observances in Australia and New Zealand are similar to Memorial Day and Veterans Day in the USA, and to the Remembrance Day national solemn holidays in Canada and Europe.

Remembrance Day Poppies posterRed poppies are a significant symbol to honor war dead on Remembrance Day in Australia, just as they are in the USA, Canada and Europe; some people also wear a sprig of rosemary in remembrance of those who died.

In Australia, a minute's silence is one of the most important parts of Remembrance Day commemoration ceremonies. Australia and New Zealand observe Anzac Day, a special day of remembrance, each April 25th as well.

Australians maintain one minute's silence at 11 a.m. on 11 November to remember when the guns went silent in 1918 at the end of WWI, and to honor the men and women who have died in all wars and conflicts.

map of australia colouring sheet

Printable Australia map


Learn More About Australia

Australia Iron Ons

Remembrance Day printable iron on and clip art

Symbols of Australia

Origins of the Name

National Anthem - words and music, Advance Australia Fair

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