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by Arleen M. Kaptur

Mother's Day just rolls around every spring, and it seems that the stores and shoppes fill up with frilly, pinky, lacy tokens of appreciation and love. Not really - these are trinkets that someone else made, a factory mass-produced, or a country far away shipped over in crates, boxes, and on ships

Mother's Day is Whatever You Decide to Make It

It should have your personal touch, your stamp of approval, and your unique character, taste, and hand-print all over it. Going to a store is a simple matter, and with a few dollars, you have a "gift."

But it is not your gift, in a sense, it is someone else's and that wonderful woman deserves a whole lot more - like she thought you did when she was there to laugh with you, smile, and even defend you if need be.

She Gave You Everything She Could

Those gremlins under your bed ran for their lives, when Mom peeked under there to assure you that it was safe to fall asleep.

Meals, no matter how frugal, simple, or elaborate, were there for your nourishment, and your enjoyment.

Sometimes a hot dog could taste like filet because of the way Mom took the time, even though there was always precious little of it, to make sure you ate before you left the house, for school, sport, or whatever.

Put Past Hurts Aside

There are some who are at odds with Mom every once in a while, or very often. Surely, disagreements will occur in any human relationship, especially when one side grows in wisdom and one side grows in years (depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on at the moment).

A mother sees a child growing up and that pulls at those ol' heartstrings - you are no longer needed as much, depended on constantly, or are no longer the prettiest, smartest, and most inventive person around.

A child spreads its growth wings and sees the world each day in a new light, with ideas, and innovations that are created and presented by the whole scope of the world. You want to try, to reach, and to achieve.

Mom's ways become old-fashioned, out of date, and mundane.

This is natural, hurtful at times, but very natural, and deep down, truly, either side would not want it any other way.

Make A Special Gift or Card for Mom on Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, turn back the clock just a bit. Become the child you were, are, or can't seem to remember anymore.

Make something that represents you and no gift on earth will be more cherished, held tightly, and placed in that all important display case - the human heart.

It can have ribbons, lace, sparkles, color, or whatever you think is appropriate. It will cost, you know, but in your time and energy, not in dollars and cents.

Your gift will become priceless and therefore it has accomplished what it was meant to. It reflects what Mom stood for, what love feels like, and what human relationships are all about. A day not like any other - when only the best will do.

It's all up to you - so pick up those pens, pencils, and glue stick.

Rembrandt you may not be, but you are son or daughter and no matter how old you become, "Did you make this for me" will be the quote of the day, and the leap of heart will be heard 'round the world - you's and Mom's. ENJOY!

©Arleen M. Kaptur 2003 May - used with permission
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