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Kwanzaa, an African American and Pan-African holiday, celebrates family, community and culture each year from December 26 through January 1.

Kwanzaa Lesson Plans

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7 Principles
Swahili Vocabulary


(self determination)

(collective work)

(cooperative economics)




A Swahili
Word List

Kwanzaa - the official web site



kinara candle holder kwanzaa


December 26
to January 1


The name Kwanzaa comes from the harvest - the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza - which means "first fruits." The seven principles of Kwanza are called Nguzo Saba.

Kwanzaa Colors

Green, Red, Black

Kwanzaa traditional colors are red, green and black The official colors of Kwanzaa are green, red, and black.

Black symbolizes the people, red is for their struggle, and green represents the future and hope.


Decorate for Kwanzaa with traditional African items such as African baskets, cloth patterns, art objects, and harvest symbols.

Happy Kwanzaa card
Happy Kwanzaa by holiday_tshirts

Kwanzaa Family Card card
Kwanzaa Family Card by XmasCards_N_Gifts

IMANI - Faith card
IMANI - Faith by Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa Primary Symbols

  • Mazao (Crops)
  • Mkeka (Woven Mat)
  • Kinara (Candle Holder)
  • Muhindi (Corn)
  • Mishumaa Saba (Seven Candles)
  • Kikombe cha Umoja (TUnity Cup)
  • Zawadi (Gifts)

Kwanzaa Activities & Crafts

Kwanzaa Gifts, Cards and Postage Gallery

Visit Zazzle to view zillions of creative gifts like these that you can customize-or upload your own designs and photos.

Shop & Create on Zazzle

First Kwanzaa shirt
First Kwanzaa by Kwanzaa_TShirts

kwanzaa kinara with mishumaa shirt
kwanzaa kinara with mishumaa by nicklilavois

'The Guinea Hen Got Loose' Kwanzaa greeting card card
'The Guinea Hen Got Loose' Kwanzaa greeting card

Kwanzaa Postage Stamp Designs

USPS authorized custom designed Kwanzaa postage is now available at Zazzle!

Click a picture to visit the artist's collection and choose your Kwanzaa postage stamps.

Kwanzaa Stamps stamp kwazaa 015, Kwanzaa by M.delly stamp
Kwanzaa stamp

Umoja!- Unity Kwanzaa stamp 


Kwanzaa Postage Stamp History

In 1977, the United States Postal Service (USPS) issued its first official Kwanzaa stamp, with a value of 32 cents.

In 2006, USPS issued an updated Kwanzaa stamp with new art for the revised postage rate (39 cents).

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