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Halloween is a fall holiday based on ancient harvest celebrations and superstitions.

October 31 is still celebrated as a day and night filled with merriment and pranks when kids and adults enjoy safe-but-scary fun, dressing in costume, celebrating at parties and collecting candy or small gifts during Trick or Treat and in some communities Trunk or Treat.

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Halloween Traditions and Activities

Wrapped sweets are the traditional Trick or Treat hand out for youngsters at Halloween, and according to recent research, sweet treats are no more harmful to your teeth than other foods that contain starch or sugar.

While the practice of Trick or Treat is popular with kids, many families opt to hand out other small treats such as stickers, small toys or gift coupons instead of sugary snacks.

Concern about food allergies in recent years has changed what parents choose for handouts or prefer kids receive; safe foods are now ending up in kids' loot bags for parties and Trick or Treat.

Fun facts - Halloween history and traditions

Little witch halloween clipFancy Dress and Costumes Try your hand at making a home made costume. You can use creative makeup instead of a mask - for small children, face paint is often the best Halloween disquise.

Halloween makeup is safer than a mask for night time trick-or-treating, and more acceptable to babies and toddlers.

You can create your own Halloween make up from ordinary household ingredients- whip up a batch of non-toxic safe Halloween makeup - free face paint recipes.

Design Custom Vinyl Party Banners

Halloween Is Fun for All Ages

color clown mask halloween printableDressing up in costume or painting your face with makeup is the rule of the day on Halloween, whether you're 3 or 83. It's not unusual to find office workers, store clerks, or even a few business professionals dressed in costume and handing out treats to co-workers, clients and customers every year around Halloween time.

I was at a board meeting of manufacturing executives not many years ago when suddenly a tall circus clown entered the room, carrying a pumpkin treat basket filled with candy treats that he offered to every meeting attendee.

You guessed it: hiding behind that clown nose and makeup was the fun-loving owner of a well-known Pennsylvania candy company who enjoys the sweet side of all the holidays!


Tissue paper candy bag pumpkins craft


Pumpkin Carving
How-tos and Tips

How about carving a pumpkin to decorate your window, harvest table, or front doorstep?

Click here for directions for carving a cool, scary, artistic or funny pumpkin.

Print some of our pumpkin carving stencil patterns.

Shop Our Costume Deals

Party Props

Costumes for Women

Mens Costumes

Boys Favorite Costumes

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Baby and Toddler Costumes

happy ghost mask graphicFrankenstein monster mask to color, cut and paste

Coloring Masks

skeleton trick or treat poster

Printable Halloween Poster

printable halloween bookmarks

printable graphics for halloweeen

Mardi Gras Printable
Coloring Pages and
Digital Stamps

Dia de los muertos - day of the dead dancing skeleton with guitar

Day of the Dead

Halloween costume photos

Child in lamb costume with face paint

Home Made Halloween Makeup

Halloween Pictures to Color

Halloween Safety

Pets at Halloween

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costumes for Disabled Kids and Adults

Shop Costumes Online

Halloween Ghost Decorations

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Printable Halloween Party Games Pack


Halloween Party Games Shop

printable graphics for halloweeen

Coloring Book-

Mean soprano hit man mask, bouncer mask, wwf wrestler mask free printables

Printable Halloween Masks


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Instant Masks
Masquerade Blog


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FREE Halloween Masks

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Cheesecloth Ghosts Craft


Candy corn graphic - halloween clip art borderCandy corn graphic - halloween clip art border

Halloween Costumes and Party Supplies

Here are some resources to help with your Halloween party and prize winning costume plans:

Halloween Decorations, Masks, Costumes

Decorate Your Home and Garden for Halloween

ghosts boo graphicIn many cities, adult parties are just as much a part of the Halloween holiday as kid parties and trick-or-treat.

Even if you don't wear a Halloween costume, makeup or mask, you can still enjoy the season - decorate your home, yard or office for fall and Halloween.

pumpkin head scarecrow graphicHalloween Candy - Facts and Fun

Here are some fun facts about candy - the favorite Halloween treat - from the National Confectioners Association, which reminds parents to help ensure a safe Halloween for their children by limiting trick-or-treat activities to familiar homes, accompanying young children on their trick-or-treat rounds and inspecting all goodies before any are eaten.

The National Retail Federation reports sales of Halloween-related items will be about $6.9 billion this year. Polls indicate that about 80 percent of Americans participate in trick-or-treat activities (NCA poll). Eighty-four percent of kids ranked candy and gum as the top items they hope to receive when they go trick-or-treating (NCA poll).

candy corn graphicNinety percent of parents said they sneak goodies from their kids' trick-or-treat bags (NCA poll). More than 20 million pounds of candy corn is made for Halloween. If laid end-to-end, that is enough to circle the moon twice and have some left over, or enough to fill 600,000 bushel baskets to overflowing.

According to the American Academy of ediatric Dentistry, most candies are no different than a slice of bread or a pretzel when it comes to tooth decay. Any foods that contain fermentable carbohydrates such as starch or sugar, can cause decay. Eaten in moderation, candy can fit into a balanced diet and active lifestyle. All types of candy contribute only 1-3 percent of daily calories to children's diets.

Parents agree that as long as their children are eating a balanced diet, candy in moderation is fine as a dessert or snack (NCA survey).

Source: National Confectioners Association

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