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You can capture great Halloween snapshots with just about any camera or cell phone. It's easier than Trick or Treat! Here are some tips to shooting spook-tacular Halloween photo albums and scrapbook pictures.

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Happy Holidays

Use a fast film or action setting on your camera. Zoom in to get details with your telephoto lens or zoom feature, then zoom out and shoot again to get a photo with the full costume effect.

If you have a super zoom capabilty, try capturing candid photos from a distance - they're often the best photos! And remember: if you're shooting video, most editing apps will let you capture a still from the action.

When shooting kids in costume, keep the little ones in front or seated. Action shots are also great - kids on the doorstep gathering treats, bobbing for apples or eating donuts on a string ... and don't forget to take photos as the kids are finishing with getting dressed or putting on makeup and masks.

Get a before, during and after shot of the costume and mask activities.

Halloween costume photo

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