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Easy and Fun Outdoor Halloween Decorations for Your Yard or Porch - Make Your Own Ghosts, Goblins and Witches for your garden or flag pole


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Dancing Ghosts Halloween Yard Decoration


3 Twin-sized Sheets

3 pcs 1/2 inch flexible white PVC pipe measuring 4 feet long

3 White Plastic KitchenTrash Bags

Masking Tape or White Duct Tape


White butcher string or cable ties

Black Marker or Paint (waterproof)

Clip art ghosts - cli ck for more

How to Make the Ghost Heads - Stuff the white trash bags with crumbled up newspapers to the size you like.

Attach Heads to Body Supports - Insert a pipe length into each bag and secure it tightly by wrapping with masking tape or duct tape.

Drape a sheet over each head, arranging so the sheet middle is at the top of the head. Gather sheet or fabric at the neck area under the head and tie securely with twine or cable tie.

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Set Up the Ghost Display

Choose an area of your lawn to set up the ghosts in a circle.

For each ghost push the pipe length firmly into the ground, forming a circle 1-2 feet apart. The sheets/fabric should touch the ground and hide the support pipes.

Knot the ends of adjacent sheets together to make the ghosts appear to be holding hands. You can use more ghosts to make a larger dancing ghost display ... or you can arrange them in a line if that works better for your landscape.

If desired, add spooky faces to your ghosts with a permanent black marker. When there's a bit of a breeze, your ghosts will flutter and "dance."

Gourd or Pumpkin Head Variation

I saw a similar ghoulish decorations like these at a Halloween festival in Pennsylvania. The ghoul heads were made from dried and cut out knobby gourds or small pumpkins.

The bodies were made from lengths of black tulle attached to the bottom of the gourds. The sizes varied depending on the size of the gourd, but each one no matter how small was creepy and fun to watch floating in the breeze as the day turned into night.

These ghoulish gourd goblins were suspended all over the area, hung from tree branches, roofs, porch trusses and anywhere there was a spot to suspend them with fishing line. A few were draped in shrubs or stacked on fence posts and lighted with flameless candles or glow sticks.

I made a similar spooky goblin to fly from my front porch with a paper mache ghoul head.

paper mache halloween monster craft

Spooky Flagpole Goblins - Flying Outdoor Halloween Decorations

If you have a short flagpole mounted on your house or porch post you can hang a spooky haunting Halloween decoration from the end of the pole.

These frightful Halloween fluttery decorations are easy and inexpensive to make following these directions. They're similar to the dancing ghosts, but they're not mounted on poles stuck into the ground.

Scary Flagpole Ghost

Attach a length of light weight white fabric - a sheet polyester curtain, length of gauze or white tulle craft net fabric work well - to a white or grey rubber fright mask (the full head kinds work best).

Let the fabric hang about 3 to 4 feet below the mask. Attach the top of the mask to the flagpole top end ... and watch your ghost dance in the breeze.

Monster or Witch Variation

Use any type of creepy monster mask or a witch mask attached to a dark colored trash bag with the bottom cut into jagged points. You can use dark fabric strips torn to make them ragged, or use a length of Black Tulle Net Fabric if you prefer.

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