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Only a few days left before someone tries to guilt trip you into putting on a stupid costume for a night of Halloween festivities.

I can hear you groaning already. But fear not, here's the insider's guide to a fantastic DIY Halloween costume that is easy, inexpensive and memorable. It may even have you looking forward to the holiday for once!

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Easy and Fun: Make Your Own Costumes

Here are a few simple ideas to get you the "best dressed" award on October 31st:

Brain Donor: Get a simple hospital gown or bathrobe. Draw black circles under your eyes and wrap your head in gauze with some fake blood dripping down. Get a clear jar, put small amount of water in the jar with some cauliflower.

On the front of the jar put a big label that says "Brain Donor." Or just carry the cauliflower and have a "Brain Donor" tag on your gown.

Nudist on Strike: Probably the easiest costume to put together on short notice. Wear whatever you want and create a picket sign that says, "Nudist on Strike." Trust me, they'll laugh.

Little Dead Riding Hood: Have the red cape/sheet and basket but then add fake scars, gashes and blood to make it look like the Big Bad Wolf got you.

iPod : Dress in all black, and use black make-up to darken your skin. Strap a piece of fluorescent poster board to your back. Wear an iPod and dance your buns off.

Attack Dog Trainer: Take a stuffed dog and sew it to the arm of a long-sleeved shirt so it looks like it is biting you. Wear a name tag ("Jim's Attack Dog School). Add blood and scratches all over your body.

Chick Magnet: Attach Barbie dolls or other inexpensive dolls all over yourself.

Kissing Booth: Construct a booth using two boxes, with the opening of the top box facing forward. Add straps so the boxes sit on your shoulders. Spray paint the boxes white and then use red paint to write "Kisses $1" and "Kissing Booth" on them. Remember pockets to hold your income!

Miss Conception: Great for those who find themselves pregnant on Halloween. Get an old prom dress and fix up your hair and make-up like you're a beauty contestant. Use your pregnant belly or place a pillow under the dress to make yourself look pregnant. Add a sash across your chest that says "Miss Conception." Smile and wave! Why not get creative with this idea? I'm thinking Miss Demeanor, Miss Chievous, Miss Fortunate, Miss Erable, you get the idea)

God's Gift to Women: Find a box large enough to fit around your body. Cut some holes for your arms and head, and then cover the box with wrapping paper. Add a large bow. Attach a tag that says "TO: Women, FROM: God." You could also just wrap yourself in a white sheet with a big bow around your middle and the gift tag hanging from your neck.

Devil's Advocate: Wear buttons and carry signs that say "Devil is #1" and "Vote for Satan," etc.

Refrigerator Magnet: Paint a shoe box black and attach it to your back.

So what's your excuse? With costumes this simple and creative you have no excuse not to look fabulous on Halloween.

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