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Legend says that if a ground hog (also known as the woodchuck) spots his shadow on February 2 (Ground Hog Day), he will be so startled he will go back to sleep and hibernate for another 6 weeks to wait for better weather.

If Mr. Groundhog stays awake, we should expect an early spring. Farmers Almanac also predicts the first date for spring planting time using similar, non-scientific methods.

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groundhog day posterThe hilarious Bill Murray film "Groundhog Day" certainly helped make the toothy Pennsylvania rodent named Punxatawney Phil and his hometown famous.

(Groundhog Day poster printable)

The film didn't inspire the celebration of Ground Hog Day - a February holiday that brings thousands of visitors to Western Pennsylvania every year in late January.

The origin of the holiday is actually Pagan; February 2 marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. As Christianity spread through Europe, the holiday became known as Candlemas.

Groundhog Day clip art

Every winter, folks from all over the world visit Pennsylvania's small community of Punxatawney to make a pre-dawn visit to Gobbler's Knob on February 2.

Tourists flock to the tiny western Pennslvania township to watch Phil the groundhog as he wakens from hibernation to check for spring's arrival and to party for several days in celebration of the coming spring.

In Canada, Ground Hog day watchers celebrate the Wiarton Willie Festival.

Whether you think Phil's or Willie's meterology methods are correct or not, you might enjoy a late winter vacation in Pennsylvania to take part in the week-long Ground Hog Day festivities.

Visit Pennsylvania for a mid-winter family vacation and experience Ground Hog Day and Punxatawney Phil's home ground first hand! The folks in Phil's hometown region welcome tourists with open arms, and they plan lots of events around the weeks leading up to Ground Hog Day each and every year.

Ground Hog Day Information

Ground Hog Day Clipart - get a groundhog graphic at my main web site.

If you can't visit Gobbler's Knob in Pennsylvania, you can still have a Ground Hog Day celebration with your family.

Follow the links below for suggestions on a family vacation trip at any time to Pennsylvania - the state of Independence.

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