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Pinata History, Pinata Game, Pull String Pinata DIY plus lots of fun fiesta facts to help you plan a festive Cinco de Mayo or other fiesta party.

Learn how to make a pinata at home or a create a pull string pinata for your fiesta, Day of the Dead or Cinco de Mayo party.

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History of Pinatas

Pinatas have been used all around the world for hundreds of years to celebrate special occasions, mainly kid birthday parties.

Although breaking a pinata at children's birthdays is very much a tradition among Hispanics, this fun kid party game has spread throughout the entire United States.

The tradition of breaking a pinata originated in Europe in ancient times. It was first made from a simple painted clay pot decorated with colorful paper and filled with candy and coins. Today, pinatas are made of paper mache.

The traditional Mexican star-shaped pinata was part of early Christmas Mexican celebrations representing the Star of Bethlehem that guided worshippers to baby Jesus.

Today the pinata game has come to replace “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” as a favorite party game for children. Nowadays a pinata is often even used as a party decoration: it makes a great centerpiece! Pull string pinatas, a gentler version of this popular party activity, have been invented to allow toddlers enjoy the game as much as older kids do.

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is another intersesting Mexican holiday celebration.

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How to Make a Pull String Pinata

A pull string pinata is a particularly good game idea for small kids birthday parties or indoor celebrations. It is a fun yet safe party game for the youngest kids who can get hurt trying to break open the pinata with a buster bat. Find below instructions on how to convert a normal pinata into its gentler pull string version:

1) First of all, the pinata must have a flat bottom. Cut a 3"x3"x3" flap on the bottom of pinata as close to center as possible. Perforate a small hole near the extreme of flap where it opens.

2) Pass a ribbon through flap and tie a knot from the side that will remain inside the pinata.

3) Close flap. Do not secure flap with any tape or adhesive.

4) Using scotch or masking tape attach ribbons around base of pinata. Pull the ribbon that is hanging out of trap and bring it to same level as other ribbons.

5) Spread glue over the bottom of the pinata and apply the tissue paper making sure that all ribbons are completely covered. Let dry. Your pull string pinata is ready for party fun!

How to Play the Pinata Party Game

Whether you are hosting an adult or a child birthday party, the pinata party game is bound to be the highlight of the celebration. The pinata is a great kid party game for all occasions!

Step by Step Instructions

1. First, make sure you have everything needed to play this kid party game, such as a rope, a place from where to hang the pinata (a tree branch, a basketball hoop, two adults holding ends of a rope with a pinata hanging in middle, etc.), pinata candy and toy stuffers, a pinata buster stick and blindfolds for the participants.

2. Fill the pinata with the party favors before guests arrive at the party.

3. Organize the kids in a line, starting with the smallest one all the way to the tallest one. Only blindfold children that are over 3 years old, then spin them around a few times, provide them with the pinata buster stick and let loose to hit the pinata.

4. For safety's sake, while a child is hitting the pinata during the game, all other children must be kept away (a minimum 15' radius is recommended) from the hitter. Furthermore, the child should have completely ceased to hit the pinata before you allow the other kids to go grab the party favors spilled on the floor.

5. Allow each child to hit the pinata at least a couple of times before you move on to the next child.

To make the pinata party game even more fun, the pinata must be swung up and down, and guests must be encouraged to misdirect the pinata hitter (if the pinata is down, tell the hitter the pinata is up, etc).

With very young children, make the game safer by using a pull string pinata - find the instructions above.


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