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What's more fun than cool educational toys and games for kids? Geek toys and games for kids! Educational games and toys don't need to be nerdy or boring to inspire learning while providing hours of fun.

Choosing the best toys or games for your child can be daunting unless you have a few good resources. And for double the fun, these educational toys and games appeal to adults, too.

Luckily, kids love to learn and educational toys with a "geeky" side can inspire kids of all ages - including adults - to new heights of creative thinking.

This guide will help you find some of the coolest educational toys and games that kids will love, plus resources for parents who take kids' playtime seriously.

After all, the work of children is play ... so let's make it productive, safe and fun with educational toys and games that boost brain power.

Cool and Nifty Gifts for Smarties of all Ages

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Gift Guide: Brain Building STEAMFun for Kids

Educational Play References and Resources - Food for Thought, for Parents and Care Givers

Experienced parents and teachers know that creative play is essential to child development. There's plenty of research available on the topic as well as many interesting articles to help parents-to-be as well as families understand the importance of letting children play. Play and exploration are the foundation of STEAM learning theory.

This isn't a new thought, but it's one that sometimes gets lost in the hectic schedules of modern families.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" ... it's not a truism, it's a reality.

Microscope Set

A real microscope is a cool gift for kids into science. Learning about biology through microscopic inspection is fascinating and fun.

I had a real microscope as a kid and it was one of my favorite "toys" as a preteen. Getting a close up look at bugs, leaves, even onion skin opens up a whole new world to curious children.

Inspire Young Chemists with Elemental Building Blocks

Simple number, letter, aniimal and shape blocks are fine for most kids, but if you're hoping to inspire a scientist or want to add some fun to home school chemistry lessons, get your youngster started off with anifty set of handcrafted wooden cube periodic table building blocks.



Learning Resources for Parents and Educators

All Work And No Play Makes For Troubling Trend In Early Education

Playtime for children is a "fundamental avenue" for learning. Parents and educators who favor traditional classroom-style learning over free, unstructured playtime in preschool and kindergarten may actually be stunting a child’s development ...

Non-traditional pre-K school teaches self-learning

Laurie Bailey brought her children up with the belief that they know what they want to learn and how to go about doing it. It was her philosophy

Nontraditional Learning Environments: Do They Prepare Our Students for Life-Long Learning?

This work investigated whether Worcester Polytechnic Institute's (WPI) nontraditional interdisciplinary projects program increased readiness for lifelong learning (LLL) and self-directed learning (SDL) ...

Traditional vs. Nontraditional Learning

Nontraditional learning and teaching comes from shifting the image of the instructor that knows everything to the students having some input and sharing their own knowledge in addition to the instructor's findings.

The impact of teacher-directed and child-directed pretend play on cognitive competence

This is a research digest from the DfES Research Informed Practice Site (TRIPS) that deals with a project looking at the impact of pretend play on young children's cognitive development. The researchers find that both teacher-directed and child-directed play build kids brains.

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