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Christmas in July - Celebrate Merry Christmas on July 25!

What holiday is more fun than Christmas? Christmas celebrated in July, of course! If you live in snow country, travel is much easier for Christmas in July and there's no snow to shovel from the walks or driveway.

You can celebrate outdoors in your yard, on your deck or around the pool, or take your Christmas in July celebration on the road to your favorite beach or picnic spot.

Christmas in July is lots of fun for campers or family fun.

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Here are some fun ways to celebrate Christmas in July.

  • Play Christmas party games.
  • Make Christmas decorations from plants, leaves, flowers, and twigs.
  • Make and decorate your favorite Christmas cookies.
  • Trim a live or artificial tree. Use one that's growing in your yard, or find a nice tree branch without leaves and decorate that with flowers, natural ornaments or ribbons. Hang shells, starfish and fishing lures for ornaments if you want a tropical Christmas theme.

  • Make a garland from paper decorations and string it up along your porch.
  • Decorate the house or garden with your favorite Christmas lights and decorations. Try some wacky party lights for a summertime twist - perhaps red and green chili pepper lights for your Christmas in July decorations.
  • Celebrate Christmas Hawaiian style - Mele Kalikimaka

  • Hang stockings for Santa to fill on July 24, or to fill with party favors.
  • Play Christmas music, or have a Christmas carol sing-along.
  • Printable Games for Christmas Party Funare always a hit with kids and adults. Shop on site for economical printable games.
  • Make a treat-filled holiday pinata for the kids - pull-string style.
  • Hand out Christmas coloring books and small packets of crayons - or fill stockings with these treats.

christmas cookie border clip artchristmas cookie border clip art

  • Build sand castles instead of snow forts if you are at the beach or have a sandbox available.
  • Enjoy cool chocolate milkshakes instead of hot cocoa - serve with cookies.
  • Freeze lemonade or juice in the shape of Christmas trees using simple molds, or cut out fun ice cream shapes using Christmas cookie cutters, then decorate with red and green sprinkles.
  • Bake a ham or turkey ahead of time to serve cold in sandwiches, or roast one on the grill and serve warm with red and green lettuce salad, red and green peppers and cukes with dip, plus potato salad.
  • Make Christmas cupcakes - bake cupcakes in flat-bottom ice cream cones instead of paper liners. Cool, frost and decorate with red cinnamon candies or crushed peppermint candy canes.


Igloo Party Dessert

Make a giant igloo dessert from vanilla ice cream. A day before your Christmas in July party, soften slightly a gallon of vanilla ice cream and press it into a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and refreeze.

Just before serving invert the bowl over a serving tray and wait a few minutes for the ice cream to loosen from the bowl. Release the "igloo" ice cream from the mold, then decorate your ice cream igloo quickly with Christmas cookies and sprinkles.

Serve immediately!

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