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You'll find plenty to keep kids and party guests entertained and happy for the holiday season - Christmas party games, coloring puzzles, online activities and lots more!

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Pastiche Family Portal HomeGift Boxes Christmas Game

Wrap a small gift in a small box.

Put the box in a slightly larger box and wrap it. Then put that in a slightly larger box and wrap it, and so on.

Write a message on top of each box such as "This gift goes to the person standing closest to the tree".

That person gets the gift, opens it and finds the next box with a message that could say something like this: "Sorry! This present goes to the person who is sitting next to you on the left!"

That person then gets the gift and opens it. The next message can say “This gift is for the person whose birthday is closest to December 25th.”

The last message can say “sorry but this gift is for the person who washed the dishes!”

Christmas decorating idea, stuffed toys teddy bears and Moose

Holiday Fun with Pinatas

Pinatas make a great party game for Christmas. Find many game ideas and gorgeous reindeer, Christmas tree, snowman and Santa pinatas at online shops.

Learn to make your own pull string pinata!

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