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Christmas Crafts, Decorations and Gifts

Holiday Decorations You Can Make

Everyone loves to decorate and craft for the holidays. Here are some easy crafts, frugal gifts and holiday ornaments you can make with the family to decorate your home for Christmas that will cost you more time than money, and you'll have fun making them, too.

Advent calendar craft wreath paper decoration

Holiday Greeting Cards

Snowy lamppost holiday card printable Poinsettia flowers art print note card printable

Choose from 4 unique Christmas season designs ready to print in Adobe PDF format. Printable note size cards come 2 per sheet (3.5in x 4.5in) and make wonderful holiday greeting cards or special gift tags.

Gingerbread man seasons greetings note card hawaii christmas card printable

Christmas Stickers

Print a sheet of fun stickers on self-adhesive paper, or print on regular heavy paper and use glue stick or craft glue to attach to cards, crafts or gifts.

printable christmas stickers

Cute Ornament Templates

Color these cute gingerbread girls and boys to make ornaments for your tree, window, fireplace mantel or bulletin board. Or craft a sweet embroidered stuffy using the guidelines as a pattern. You can use these ginger cookie designs to make gift tags, too!

Gingerbread girl coloring sheet Christmas ornament graphicGingerbread man Christmas coloring ornament graphic

Gingerbread Ornaments Coloring Sheet

Holiday Letter Papers with Borders

Write a letter to Santa, create a family newsletter, design a flyer or scrapbook page with printable full page border papers and letter sheets.

Snowflakes border paperChristmas letter paper

Printable Bookmarks

Print and cut out bookmark craft sheets with holiday designs. Create clever jumbo gift tags made from these printables, too.

Holiday Bells

Candy Canes

Christmas Crafts Fun Kit gift set
Christmas Crafts Fun Kit - $24.95

from: Dover Publications

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