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The days leading up to Christmas are a time of anticipation and preparation for the Christmas holiday. As a small child, I always looked forward to the beautifully illustrated German advent calendar my Nana would send us at Thanksgiving.

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Each day in December leading up to Christmas we would open up a little numbered door on the calendar picture to get a delicious bit of chocolate and expose a Nativity scene from behind that day's door.

The final door was the largest, and behind it was the baby in the manger. The advent calendar helps little children count down the days and learn about the origins of Christmas. You can make an advent craft wreath with your kids using our free Christmas Wreath printable below

Holly Wreath and Candle - Printable / Advent Craft Activity

Holly wreath advent calendar craft printableOur Christmas Wreath printable craft project comes complete with 24 leaves to cut out and paste around the candle and wreath base.

There is one leaf to add to the wreath for each day in December until Christmas Eve.

You can use a large sheet of construction paper or poster board, or a regular paper plate as the base for your Holly Wreath decoration.

Paste on 1 leaf every day, beginning on December 1, and on Christmas Day finish the wreath with a bright red bow.

Printable Christmas Wreath Decoration Paper Craft Sheet - PDF 8.5 x 11 inches

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