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Enjoy these very special coloring pages for teens and older kids. The topics in adult coloring books are a wee bit different from kids printable coloring sheets, and the designs are more complicated, challenging and artistic.

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Creative Coloring Patterns of Nature

Patterns of Nature Coloring Book by Valentina Harper


Pastiche Family Portal HomeColoring For Teens and Older Kids

I draw freehand with pencils and paper, and on my computer every day. I've been drawing and crafting for more than 60 years, and I don't ever expect to stop coloring and making crafts.

Give Peace a Chance coloring poster, parenting.leehansen.comI created this special section of printable coloring pages for older kids and teens from my own drawings to inspire you to create your own unique coloring page crafts and artwork.

The coloring pages in this section vary from detailed designs to outline sketches that let you add your own creative elements.

Choose the type of coloring page art that appeals to your interest and ability, or fits the project you have in mind.

Experiment! Use a line drawing coloring design as the basis for something completely new and artsy. It's what makes you an inspired artist and a designer.


Leprechaun and shamrocks coloring poster

Holiday Poster

Joined hearts design coloring page

Joined Hearts

Nature kaleidoscopes coloring book
Nature Kaleidoscope Coloring Book - $3.99
Sea life designs coloring book
Creative Haven Sealife Designs Coloring Book - $5.99

Asian fan coloring page design template

Japanese Fan

Japanese carp kite coloring page

Japanese Carp Kite


Good Vibes Coloring Book

Good Vibes Creative Coloring Book

Peace and Love Coloring Book

Flower Power Peace and Love Coloring Book

Fancy butterfly wings coloring page

Butterfly Wings, Fairy Wings

Exotic butterfly and flower coloring page for teens

Butterfly and Flower

Creative curious creatures coloring book
Creative Haven Curious Creatures Coloring Book - $5.99
Geometrix 3D coloring book with glasses
3-D Coloring Book - Geometrix - $9.99

Peace sign fingers in V shape, printable coloring page at Pastiche Family Portal

Peace Sign Hand Gesture

Pi symbol outline shape for arts and crafts, teen coloring printable at Pastiche Family Portal

Pi Symbol

Creative Coloring Animals

Creative Animals Coloring Book by Valentina Harper

Dapper Animals Coloring Book

Dapper Animals Coloring Book

NEW Detailed adult coloring books from Leisure Arts feature microperforated pages, single sided printing and tips for coloring in the gorgeous designs.

Shop Adult Coloring Books at

Flower Mandalas

Fabulous Flower Mandalas Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

Folk Art Coloring Book

Folk Art Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

Visit my designer site to view hundreds of printable adult coloring pages. ( Visit my clip art and craft templates site to find unique design coloring pages for adults and teens. (
Find craft ideas and new designs on my Facebook Page.

Follow my coloring pages board at Pinterest.

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