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Enjoy these very special coloring pages designed especially for boomers and seniors of all ages. The printable sheets feature retro pictures, landscapes, mandalas and several rather complicated and challenging geometric designs in op art style.

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Exotic butterfly and flower coloring page for teens

Butterfly and Flower

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This coloring pages for adults article lists many printables, books and affordable supplies for adult art hobby colorists and their favorite crafts.


Pastiche Family Portal HomeColoring For Adults: Seniors and Boomers Art Hobby Printables

Fancy Hawaiian lei adult coloring posterI love art and crafts. I'm a member of the baby boomer generation, and I've been drawing and crafting for more than 60 years.

One of my earliest memories is of waking up early the day after Mom went shopping, to find the art supplies she promised to buy for me.

This special section of printable coloring pages for seniors comes from my own drawings and design work.

I hope to inspire you to create your own unique artwork while enjoying the relaxation offered by coloring with markers, colored pencils or other tools.

The pages you can print to color in this section vary from detailed drawings and geometric designs to preliminary artist sketches you can use to make your own painting or picture by adding details, textures and colors.

Find craft ideas and new designs on my Facebook Page.

Jungle Wonders Color Art for Everyone

Shop for excellent adult coloring books, reference books and affordable craft templates and resources.

Irish harp coloring page

Irish Harp

Picnic fun coloring page

Summer Fun

Coloring Pens and Pencils

Folk Art Coloring Book

Folk Art Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

Tropical fish coloring page

Tropical Fish

Monthly calendar sheet coloring sheet printable,

Monthly Calendar Pages

Greeting Cards to Color Posters To Color

Poppy flower coloring art sketch

Poppy Flower Art Sketch

Stars pattern design coloring page

Stars Poster

Fabulous flower designs coloring book
Fabulous Flowers Coloring Book - $5.99
Abstract designs art coloring book
Creative Haven Simply Abstract Stained Glass Coloring Book - $7.99

Owl design coloring sheet


Leaves coloring page design printable


Lee Hansen
Visit my designer site to view hundreds of printable adult coloring pages. ( Visit my clip art and craft templates site to find unique design coloring pages for adults and teens. (
Classic fairy tale pictures coloring book
Color Your Own Great Fairy Tale Illustrations - $4.99
Clever whimsical mandalas coloring book
Mandalas Coloring Book - $3.99
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