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Don't Get the Flu

To protect yourself from colds and flu, remember what Mom taught you:

  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing (try to do it away from others)
  • Wash your hands every time you sneeze or cough, or after you've been out in public
  • Keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes and nose
  • Use hand sanitzer gels, wipes or alcohol to disinfect if you can't get to soap and water
  • Don't use other people's phones or computer keyboards
  • Stay away from sick folks, and if you get sick STAY HOME

Head Lice - Prevention and Treatment

Kids bring home all sorts of things from school, some of them not so welcome, like colds, sniffles and head lice. Yes, even the neatest families can find themselves besieged by these pesky and nearly invisible critters. They're usually discovered after one or more family members starts getting an itchy scalp and a close examination finds tiny grey insects and small oval eggs attached to the hair about 1/4" from the scalp.

Get Rid of the Insects and Eggs (Nits)

Fortunately, the process for ridding your child's hair and your home of common head lice is simple: treat the affected child using an OTC anti-lice medicated shampoo - complete instructions come with the package - comb away all insects and nits (eggs) for several days afterward, and clean the child's bedding, hats, clothing and stuffed toys with hot water and/or a hot dryer to prevent reinfestation.

Who and What to Treat for Head Lice

All family members and close friends who have had recent contact with the affected child - adults and kids - should be checked and monitored for a few days after discovery and treatment (except infants - do not use anti-louse medications on toddlers or babies).

More Information For full instructions on prevention and treatment of common head lice, review the CDC information here, (available in English and Spanish).

And remember, head lice infestation happens to almost at least one child in every family - it happened to both my kids when they were young! If you have questions or concerns about younger family members or possible allergic reactions, be sure to contact your school nurse or family doctor for advice and recommendations.

Help Yourself Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is tough - it's an addiction and a habit, and like all addictions, YOU are the one that must want to quit. If you are quitting because someone else wants you to or is pressurizing you to, your chances of success are greatly diminished. YOU must want to do it, for reasons that are YOURS.

If you are serious about giving up cigarette smoking and try the products in this how to give up smoking article, you will find that you stand a better chance of being successful and staying on track to a healthier, longer life without nicotine.

Helpful tools and gadgest at ArthritisSupplies.com

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You know when your child's next doctor's appointment is right down to the hour. But how diligent are you about keeping up with your own health checkups?

If you have a Pap smear every year and leave it at that, you're not doing enough, says Dr. Vivian Dickerson, the division director of general obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California at Irvine Medical Center. Read more about what Moms need to do to take care of their own health

Pastiche Family Portal HomeRefreshing Pina Colada Facial Mask

Give Your Complexion a Kitchen-Fresh Drink!

This wonderful mask recipe will refresh your face and soften your skin. With a few ingredient adjustments, you can also make a yummy smoothie - Pina Colada Facial AND Pina Colada Smoothie recipe.

Pastiche Family Portal HomeAssistive / Enabling Technology

People with disabilities can take advantage of computer technology to learn, communicate, be creative, enjoy the Internet, and conduct personal or professional research. The Americans with Disabilities Act created standards and mandates for access to services, buildings and information previously unavailable to disabled individuals.

If you or someone you knows has a disability, you may find these resources helpful:


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Live Longer

Women of all ages often question the benefits of strength training - studies now prove it's beneficial for older women to work out.


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