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If you are a smoker or smokeless tobacco user who wants to stop using nicotine, there's plenty of assistance available to help you stop for good. Here's what worked for me 20 years ago.

stop smoking - here is how

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Good News! Help for Tobacco Users Who Want to Quit

My days of being a smoker are far behind me. I experimented with cigarette smoking in my teens, and later in life took up smoking several times until I was addicted to nicotine.

I am thankful that I quit smoking in my forties, and that I wasn't a heavy smoker in the years that I did smoke.

I nevertheless recall very clearly how hard it was for me to stop smoking cigarettes many years ago. I am proud to say I haven't smoked cigarettes since 2000 and the smell of cigarette smoke actually bothers me now.

Each time I became a smoker, I would again quit after a few years. I stayed off cigarettes for more than 10 years at a stretch more than once.

So even though I quit smoking at least twice in my early adult years, I would get pulled back by the nicotine, and I'd fall back into the smoking habit when I was out with friends at a party or restaurant and cigarettes where everywhere. One borrowed cigarette led to another, and then finally to buying a pack of my own every day or so.

Finally, in my late forties, I decided to quit for good. My fiance also pledged to quit with me, and we supported one another to stop smoking and never start smoking again.

I used a transdermal patch system (NicoDerm) to minimize nicotine cravings in the first few weeks. I was able to cut patches in half, and I felt okay and didn't need the patch after two weeks.

Today, there are many programs and resources available today to help anyone who wants to get free of nicotine to quit smoking.

Some smokers find success using stop smoking aids such as patches, tablets or chewing gum to break their nicotine habit. My home state offers these to any resident who wants assistance and support to quit nicotine - for FREE.

Others use support groups or devices such as e-cigarettes or follow plans devised by medical professionals and counselors to finally stop tobacco use forever. More recently, prescription medications have become available to help you stop.

If you're looking for a self-help method to quit tobacco use, explore the books and products at your community library or health center and you may find the right way to help you stop for good and improve your health.

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