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Clip Art Photographs, Computer Wallpaper Pictures

Nature photograph pictures to download and use for computer wallpaper, cellphone wallpapers or desktop publishing for personal use only.

Photographs for Personal Use

You'll find dozens of photos and graphics you can use for printed crafts, web sites or blog pages in our clip art section, and on our partner sites, Clip Art and Crafts and Lee Hansen Graphics. All graphics are our originals - they're free for noncommercial use, including on personal Facebook pages, forum profiles or blogs.

You can modify any of our web art or our clip art in your computer design programs to use for personal use. You cannot copy anything from this web site to offer for download or sharing in full size from another site or blog.

Please use Pinterest to share a link to our site.

Bees on flower photograph

Photo: Bees on coneflower blossom, Lee Hansen Hoch

Nature Photos

Normal size photographs for download, noncommercial use only.


Jumbo size photographs large enough to use as wallpaper for computer, nomcommercial use only







Praying Mantis (brown)

Praying Mantis (green)

Walking Stick

butterflies photo or wallpaper

Swallowtail butterfly on sunflower

walking stick bug photo or wallpaper

Bees on purple coneflower

Flamingos in the snow desktop wallpaper image

brown praying mantis photo green praying mantis photo

Monkey family photograph

Sleeping lions photograph

Goldfinch bird closeup photo

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Clip Art

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