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Pastiche Family Portal HomePrintable Masks for Halloween, Masquerade, Mardi Gras

Unique printable masks for any masquerade party or activity - masks for Mardi Gras, play time, Halloween, New Year and more. Full color paper masks, mask templates and coloring mask craft sheets.

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Print your favorite masks and mask templates on card stock or heavy paper, then cut out the mask shape, adjusting the eye holes to fit wearer's face.

Punch a small hole at each side to attach ribbon ties or elastic string; position mask over your face and fasten behind your head with the eye holes aligned so you can see.

To adjust mask size, edit the image in your favorite computer graphics program to resize the artwork. Test print your mask on paper before printing on card stock.

HOW TO PRINT MASKS: Click on a small mask image to open a new printable page with a full size mask you can print, cut out and wear for Halloween or Mardi Gras, or use for party decorations, crafts or performance.

Jack O Lantern Pattern

Jack O Lantern Pattern

Paste on paper plate or pumpkin shapes

Lion mask printable, halloween crafts lion masquerade mask

Lion Mask

Halloween games printable collection click to shop pumpkin image
Printable Halloween Party Games Pack

phantom mask, ghoul face mask

Phantom Zombie Mask

Pastiche Family Portal HomeMasquerade Ball Mask Crafts

Instead of adding strings to tie the mask on around your head, attach your printed, cut out and trimmed mask to a short dowel or pencil at one side like a flag or fan.

Then simply hold the mask over your face when you want to be in disguise, and remove it from your face when you want to eat, drink, dance or for safer walking in the dark or on stairs.

The Mummy Halloween mask

Mummy Mask

Creepy Dracula mask printable full color craft mask

Dracula Mask

Skeleton mask, creepy skull mask printable for Halloween or Day of the Dead masquerade

Skull Mask

Pastiche Family Portal HomeQuick Click Tips - Mask Images as Clip Art

To use any of the mask images on this page as clip art, right click and save the graphic on your hard drive, then use it in your favorite web design, word processing, or graphics program.


Hit man mask, wrestler mask, bald dude in shades printable mask for Halloween

Big Bald Dude Mask

black cat mask, printable halloween mask
Black Cat Mask

Circus clown mask, free printable halloween mask
Clown Mask

Fredrix Paint It Yourself Classroom Mural Canvas Roll - 60'' x 120'', Acrylic Primed

penguin mask

Penguin Face Mask

Pastiche Family Portal HomePimp My Mask

For an extra special mask, embellish your printable mask with feathers, sequins, stickers, glitter, fake fur or other fancy bits from your crafts recycling or leftovers bin or use fancy craft papers you can print for free.

Masquerade and Mardi Gras Masks

Use these traditional Mardi Gras for any masquerade dress up or costume ball, or use the pictures as clip art for party invites.

For a unique mask craft design, print a coloring mask on patterned paper, or combine a background print with a coloring outline mask using a graphics editing program like PhotoShop, then print and cut out your one-of-a-kind fancy print mask for Mardi Gras!

mardi gras printable feather mask

Mardi Gras Mask

printable masquerade cat eye mask

Cats Eyes Mask

free print mardi gras tribal design mask

Tribal Mask

Get Fancy: Print these masks on card stock or heavy photo paper, then glue on sequins, glitter or feathers.

feathery peacock mardi gras masquerade mask
Peacock Feather Mask

fancy mardi gras mask
Fantasy Mask

Printable fun Mardi Gras party games!
All Mardi Gras Games
from: Print Games Now

Pastiche Family Portal HomeColoring Masks Ready to Print, Decorate, Color

Decorate these coloring masks with paint, paper, markers, crayons or get really fancy with feathers, sequins, yarn or paper scraps! Click a picture / link below to view and print a ready-to-color mask page.

Circus clown print and color mask for children's craftsMummy mask craft printable, color and cut mask for HalloweenColor and Cut Out Frankenstein MaskColor and Cut Out Baby Ghost Mask

Clown Mask - Mummy Mask

Frankenstein Mask - Baby Ghost Mask
Star power mask, color and cut out masquerade craftCat face mask to color - free printableGoofy sunglasses mask to color

Starry Eye Glasses - Kitty Cat Mask

Flower Power Spectacles

Princess crown craft sheet
Crown Craft Printable

Funky purple mask, mardi gras or halloween printable craft
Funky Purple Eye Mask

Printable Pirate Mask or Game

Pirate party game or mask printable


free scrapbooking clip art borders

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