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Welcome to hundreds of free printable coloring pages and pictures to color. You'll find thousands of unique and original coloring craft sheets to print and color in here. These are our very own collections, drawn by artist-publisher Lee Hansen.

Plus, we offer you many free (for noncommercial use) cut and paste activity pages. Use these line art outline drawings and full color craft sheets for holidays, special days, craft projects and scrapbook fun.

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Browse this index of popular free coloring pages and coloring craft sheets then explore our arts and crafts pages filled with printables for you to print and use for family, club, school, camp or church group arts and crafts activities.

Shop our recommended arts and crafts coloring books for adults and teens.

Pastiche Family Portal HomePrintable Coloring Pages


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Happy Hanukkah coloring sheet, print out at

number  coloring sheetzero number coloring page

christmas tree coloring page

Happy new year coloring sheet bubble letters,

4 Seasons Pictures to Color
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Numbers Coloring Pages
Birthday Coloring Sheets

birthday coloring page

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Coloring isn't just for KIDS! Check out my main web site to find pictures for adult coloring, and ideas for gifts, home decor or crafts you can make from coloring book pages and line art!

adult coloring design printable from

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(off site)

Free Coloring Pages Blog

Coloring Fun for Adults and Teens - Rated G Printables

Free pirate color book

Free Pirate Color Book


Holiday Coloring Books

bear with flowers penguin wearing scarf

Seasons Coloring Books

Fun Coloring Books


butterflies to color in

seasons coloring page

bride and groom coloring page

lei coloring page

More Coloring Page Fun: Visit my coloring book review sites and printable craft resources: Coloring Pages For Teens and Adults, plus The Coloring Pages Blog, creative ideas and projects for Coloring Page Crafts, and the best printed commercial Coloring Book Collections for teens, kids and grownups.

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