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Use these basic designs for crafts projects, quilting, kids room decor, classroom fun, and pre-K reading lessons.

You may also enjoy the free Alphabet Coloring and Birthday Numbers to Color printables at my main web site (LeeHansen.com).

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Letter D for Dog pre-k alphabet coloring sheet printable

Letter K Kite coloring book kite page

Recycle symbol. letter R alphabet coloring sheet


Letter D
Letter K
Letter R

Pre K Letter C alphabet coloring page work sheet, free printables

Letter S, snowflakes pre-k alphabet coloring page

Letter A and apple, pre-k alphabet coloring page

Letter C
Candle Cup Cake
Letter S
Snow Snowflakes
Letter A

Letter W Whale, pre k Alphabet coloring sheet - letter W whale

Letter W Whale in Water printable pre-k Alphabet coloring page - letter W water and whale

Letter W for Wind Alphabet coloring page printable  - letter W wind, weather

Letter W

Letter W
Whale Water
Letter W
Winter Windy Weather

Free Coloring Books: Alphabet, Animals, Awards, Birthday, Birds, Bugs, Christmas, Earth Day, Easter, Fairies, Fathers, Flags, Flowers, Halloween, Hanukkah, Hawaii, Heroes, Holidays, Japan, Masks, Months of the Year, Mothers, New Year, Pets, Pirates, Seasons, Back to School, Patriotic, Posters, Shapes, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine, Wedding

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