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Design your own writing paper, greeting cards, collages, tags, labels and scrapbook pages with these free clip art border graphics. You can use these free clip art borders for web pages, desktop publishing or cut and paste crafts. Use several together to create backgrounds or longer borders.

Choose from vertical borders for page edges and side bars, or horizontal borders for toppers and dividers.

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Horizontal Border Graphics

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Girls sugar and spice graphic

Sugar and Spice Word Art

Boys snakes and snails graphic

Snakes and Snails Word Art

Baby border graphic


hands clip art border

Hands / Hand Prints

Bunny rabbits border graphicBunnies border art

Bunny Rabbits

Frolicking lambs border art


Yellow ducklings border, rubber duckie border artYellow ducklings border, rubber duckie border art

Yellow Ducklings

Hibiscus flower border graphic, yellow flower border clipart

Yellow Orchids Border (horizontal)

Yellow flower border graphic, flowers clip art borders

Yellow Flower Swag Border (horizontal)

Red hearts border graphic

Red Hearts Border

Heart ribbon border

Hearts Ribbon Border

Shamrock border, green clover leaf graphic dividerShamrock border, green clover leaf graphic divider

Shamrocks Border

Irish ribbon border clipartIrish ribbon border clipart

Irish Ribbon Border

Star of David border graphic

Star of David Ribbon Border

Cupcakes and Candles Clipart Border

Cupcakes and Candles Birthday Border

Fading Colors Dividers

rocket mom blue gradient border     

rodketmoms border orange gradient

Cactus border, horizontal Horizontal cactis border

Cactus Border


Halloween border graphic, bats border clip art

Bats Halloween Border

pumpkins borderpumpkins border

Jack O'Lantern Pumpkins Border

candy corn border clip artg

Candy Corn Halloween Border (Horizontal)

Black cats border graphic, Halloween clip artBlack cats border graphic, Halloween clip artBlack cats border graphic, Halloween clip artBlack cats border graphic, Halloween clip art

Black Cats Border

Snowman border, winter border clipart

Snowmen and Snowflakes Border

Free clip art and printable crafts -
Free Clip Art Borders & Frames

Free borders and divider graphics

Gingerbread men graphic border, Christmas clip art borders

Gingerbread Men Border Graphic (horizontal)

Angels border Christmas clip art

Angels Border (horizontal)

Candy canes border clip art, Christmas candycane graphic

Candy Canes Border (horizontal)

Christmas bells clip art, bells border graphic

Christmas Bells Border (horizontal)

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Vertical Borders

Flower border graphic, yellow floral swag clipart border

Floral Swag Border

Yellow flowers border graphic, orchid clip art

Yellow Orchids Border

Red Hearts Border

hearts and ribbons border

Hearts Ribbon Border

Family Scrapbook binder
Family Scrapbook
More Album Binders

Bunnies border clipart

Bunny Rabbits (vertical)

Babies border graphic vertical format

Babies Border (vertical)


Yellow ducklings border art

Rubber Duckies (vertical)

hands clip art border, vertical

Hand Prints (vertical)

shamrocks and ribbons irish border

Irish Ribbon Border

Shamrocks border art, St. Patrick's clip art border

Shamrocks Border


Cactus divider graphic border

Cactus Border

Cupcakes and Candles Border

Cupcakes Border

Snowman border art

Snowmen Border (vertical

Border graphic, Christmas holiday bells

Christmas Bells Border (vertical)

Vertical candycane border, Christmas clip art candy canes

Candy Canes Border (vertical)


angel clip art border

Angel Border (vertical)

Christmas border art, gingerbread man clip

Gingerbread Man Border (vertical)

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