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Harvest clip art, fall graphics and autumn clip art borders add just the seasonal theme to holiday decorations, kids crafts, scrapbook layouts, Halloween and Thanksgiving invites, lapbooks or decorate bulletin boards and windows in the class room, office or at home September, October and November graphic headers and page dividers.

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You'll find a few of our Halloween clip art and Thanksgiving graphics in this set. Be sure to check out the those collections plus our back to school clip art to find all our fall graphics and borders.

september word art divider

September Word Art

october graphic word art

October Word Art

November graphic word art clip

November Word Art

Maple leaf border graphic

Maple Leaf Border

Give Thanks Greeting Card invitation
Give Thanks Invites by imagefactory

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Custom Printed Thanksgiving Cards, Postage, Gifts

Acorns fall graphic

Acorns Border

Maple leaf clip art graphic

Maple Leaf

Pumpkins and turkeys background clipart

Turkeys & Pumpkins

black cat and pumpkin graphic

Kitty, Leaves, Pumpkin

baseball hat scarecrow

Sporty Scarecrow

Scare crown graphic from free fall clip art collection

Farmer Scarecrow

sitting scarecrow clip art

Sitting Scarecrow

Autumn leaves clip art

Autumn Leaves


Harvest Pumpkin

Halloween clipart

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