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Garden Crafts: Simple and inexpensive tips for decorating a garden, porch, patio or balcony.

You don't need to spend a pile of money to decorate your yard, porch or balcony. All you need is some creativity and a few simple containers or natural materials to decorate your garden with style.

Garden Decorating Ideas on a Budget

I decorate my garden, yard and porch with flea market treasures and other "junk" plus natural materials and garden crafts I've created. Here are a few of my tips and ideas for garden decor on a shoestring.

Pansies, violets or Johnny Jump Ups planted in small baskets and buckets offer a cheerful spring greeting.

You can switch out these small plants (leave them in their pots if you wish) with each season or if one variety starts to fade.

Cut in half whiskey barrels make lovely rustic planters for marking your driveway or walk.

Plant your whiskey barrel planters with annuals in summer and replace the flowers with gourds and grasses for autumn, greens and pinecones for winter decoration.

Garden decor concrete cast leaf

Cast Concrete Leaf Garden Craft

Home made scarecrows and garden people add country charm to your home or garden. Paint a face on burlap or use a pumpkin for the head.

Recycle interesting containers, oldtools and furniture to make clever planters and garden ornaments. I've seen old bed frames and bicycle baskets planted with annuals and I've planted pansies and impatiens in my old work boots.

Shabby chic boot planters

Old boots upcycled into rustic planters for pansies in the snow.

My garden features include an assortment of tea kettles, old watering cans and ladders holding flowers, too.

Make a rustic trellis by fastening saplings or thin tree branches together.

wattle fence trellis and twig wreath

Twigs woven into a trellis and wreath decorate my kitchen garden and support peas and beans

You can create any shape you like if the branches are green and flexible. You can also create a rustic fence or arbor from tree branches.

Add a faux window to any blank wall. Use an old window frame or paint a dark blue rectangle on the wall, then nail strips of wood around the edge and in a window-pane pattern across the painted area.

You can paint a few decorative flower boxes or vines, or let real vines climb up on the wood strips.

For even more color and fun, add brackets and a window-box full of real or silk flowers at the base of your new "window."

If you've got a cracked or broken clay flower pot, tip it over and let some soil spill out of it. Plant flowers in the soil for a messy flower pot look. Or use a clay pot that has a section of one side broken out to create a fairy garden.

broken flower pot in garden creates a rustic planter

Broken flower pot planter and natural stones create an inexpensive garden bed design.

Hang old tools or other interesting finds from the flea market on the walls of your porch or patio.

We found an old clock face that looks great hanging on the wall near our deck. Think creatively and you can decorate your porch and garden for pennies, and recycle at the same time.

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