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If you're looking for economical ways to try your hand at paper crafts and scrapbooking, check out the supplies at your local office supplies and stationery stores. There's no need to go broke making paper crafts if you aren't trying to create archival items or special pages for a scrapbook. Save money on scrapbooking with office supplies.

Your local office supply store or large department store has plenty of scrapbook materials you can use at a fraction of the cost of special scrapbooking papers and embellishments.

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budget scrapbooking with office supplies and freebies

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Low Cost Scrapping Tools and Equipment

Even if you opt to buy your papers and adhesives from a scrapbook supplier or paper shop, you can find big savings on tools and equipment at office supply stores. Look for scissors, paper cutting tools, punches, brads, photo corners and other basics there.

Where to Shop for Cheap Scrapbook Supplies

Choose your supplies based on the plans for your paper crafting project design. If you're making an informal gift, party favors or gift tags you can often find what you need at Staples, Office Max, or Walmart instead of a craft store or specialty paper supply shop.

For special items, however, like baby or wedding albums, don't overlook the need to use acid-free materials and supplies.

You may be able to find those at the office supply stores but you should check the package information to be certain.

There are many Unique Binders available at Zazzle for making scrapbooks, recipe books and other bound projects or gifts. You can even customize Avery binders using your own photograph or artwork, or personalize a binder you like to add your own touches including name, date, and so on to the covers and spine.

Design and Print Your Own Pages, Tags, Frames, Stickers

If you have some acid-free paper on hand you can print your own layout pages, tags, frames and stickers at home from free printables - or design your own using clip art and photos.

Tags, strings, page hole reinforcements, flags, stickers and colorful tapes are all available at your office supply store. You can also find unique folders and envelopes of various sizes along with chipboard and card stock you can cut or shape to fit your creative ideas.

Creative Embellishments: Fasteners, Brads, Envelopes, Buttons, Stings and More

Check out the various departments or aisles of the store - don't limit yourself to one area. Look through the specialized stationery items and let your creativity fly. There are all sorts of unique little fasteners, envelopes, tags, labels and stickers you can use for scrapbooking and paper crafts.

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