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A few years ago a dear friend of ours mailed us a beautiful Christmas card with Mary and Jesus on the front. It's probably taken from an original painting because the artistry and colors are absolutely gorgeous.

It was much too pretty to pack away at the end of the season, so I put it in a pretty brass frame and placed it on my piano.

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It has remained there throughout the year, and when I look at it, I am reminded of this season where the Christian world celebrates the birth of Christ, and also remember my good friend who sent the card.

I know she spent a lot of time picking out just the right card to express her feelings about the season, so that card represents a piece of her heart. Each time I look at it, it gives me a warm feeling inside.

At the end of the season I usually take all of the Christmas cards we've received and pack them away with the ornaments and decorations.

Then, the next year when I open the tubs again, I find them there waiting for me. I read them again and find that I enjoy reading the letters as if for the first time.

It also helps me remember who sent a card last year so I don't forget them this year. Through the years I've found ways to either preserve the cards for myself, or pass them on to someone else. Either way, the card is recycled and not destroyed.

1. Frame them. If they touch your heart, put them in a nice frame. If they're just something that helps set the mood for the holiday, a clear acrylic frame will do the job. Most cards will fit in a standard 5 x 7" frame.

You can then pack it away for next year, or put a new card in front of it when the next holiday comes along. I have done this not only with Christmas cards, but Valentine and Mother's Day cards. It helps keep the sentiment in front of me for more than a few seconds!

2. Decorate frames
. Cut the artwork out of the card and apply Mod Podge (TM) to protect it. Follow the directions on the bottle. Once the artwork is dry and ready to use, glue it to an acrylic or plain wooden frame. Include a picture and give it to a friend.

3. Make a card. Cut the front and glue it to a piece of cardstock to make your own card for someone else. Or, cut out shapes and use them to make your very own original! Get creative and use cutouts from several cards to make your own.

4. Posters. Take these cutouts and glue them to construction paper or poster board. Grandparents love homemade projects.

4. Gift tags. Either use the front of the card whole, punch a hole in it and tie it to your package with a ribbon, or cut out the trees, snowmen, Santas and do the same. You can also use this artwork to decorate packages you've wrapped in kraft paper.

There is no right or wrong way to do any of this. Make this a family night project and let everyone get involved. You'll be making memories of your own as you work together as a family.

Copyright © 2002 Joyce Moseley Pierce


Joyce Moseley Pierce is a freelance writer and owner of Emerson Publications. She is the creator of "All They'll Need to Know," a workbook to help families record personal and financial information. ISBN 0-9725726
She is also the editor of The Family First Newsletter, an
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